My Library needs re-adding every time I load Kontakt




  • Christian Auer

    I bought the Composers Toolkit, downloaded it; but it is not possible to activate it over "Add Library" in the Kontakt Player (like I did with for example "Symphonic Brass"). If I click the folder "Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Toolkit library" - it says: No library found.

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  • Ben

    Hi Christian,

    Ólafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit is a "Kontakt Full" library, so you cannot add it as a library to Kontakt. Instead, you must access the library by using the "files" menu in Kontakt Full

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  • Henrik Budde


    I have created a multi in kontakt 4 with 16 instruments from the percussion library, but after a crash, suddenly all the 16 loaded instruments are gone from the multi rack and it is like a new instance of kontakt just loaded!

    I know I am on old platforms (logic 8 and kontakt 4), but don’t have the money to upgrade right now.

    Can you help in any way? I am on a steep deadline...

    All the best

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  • Tommy Lockett

    This is a really bad workaround please fix this, we buy libraries that are not updated and can not be seen in Kontakt as a Library

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