"Error #5 something went wrong" in Spitfire instrument




  • Alexey Pshenichkin

    Hi! I did every of 9 points. But there is no results. I still see "error #5". How can i get fix this? Thank you!

  • Ben

    Hi Alexey, I've created a ticket on your behalf so that our support team can help you

  • Martha Lucia

    I'm getting this error too in Logic Pro X and I reinstalled it on a different location the second time but it didn't work. I still get the error. I'd like some help to fix this too. :)

  • Ben

    Martha, I've created a ticket for you too.

  • matthew leader

    Hi. I recieved this error message too. I tried all the steps outlined above but still no joy. I was going to try out the LABS instruments with a view to purchasing one of the larger sample libraries at a later date (specifically Albion one). However, I am concerned about the same thing happening and ending up with a product I am unable to use.

    I checked the hardware compatibility list on The Spitfire Audio site and my computer's specs seem ok. Could the DAW be the problem? I currently use Mixcraft 8; I notice there is no mention of this DAW on the Spitfire Audio website.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Ben

    Matthew, I've created a ticket in our system so that our support team can get back to you

  • Andrey Zanoga

    Hello! I did everything, but it doesn't work. Can you help me?

  • Brett Shaw

    Hi There. I am having the same problem as many of the above comments. Error #5 keeps coming up and no matter how many times i follow the instructions it still appears. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ben

    Brett, I've created a ticket on your behalf so that our support team can help.

  • Paul Harlyn

    Same error #25 in Logic 10.3.3 - I have installed 4 Labs libraries on a 2nd drive which is not my system drive.
    Here is a link to my Log File:

  • Ben

    Paul, I've created a ticket on your behalf so that our support team can help.

  • Noah Gembala

    Hi I got the same error #5. I`ve already tried the points on the website, but there are still no improvements. How can I fix this? thank you!


  • Ben

    Noah, I've created a ticket for you

  • Nathan Burrows

    Hey, after multiple fresh installs of the instruments and the spitfire audio app i still get this error, thanks

  • Ben

    I've created a ticket for you too Nathan

  • Johan Navas

    It did work, but after "ERROR 5" and attemping several reinstallments, nothing works.
    Is it some "magical folder" LABs needs to be in for Ableton to except it?

  • Ben

    Johan, I've created a support ticket for you

  • bogen spannen

    I am using Fl Studio and i have the same problem.

  • Risto Solunchev

    In Ableton Live I have the same problem. Reinstall, but without result, only ERROR 5. Thank you

  • Colin Pimlott

    Audio App always wants the admin password to load (in windows 8.1). Why?
    Still get same error in Reaper regardless of running the suggested updates.

  • Victor Manuel Cancino Vargas

    I format my entire laptop, then install again the labs program, and it keeps show the ERROR 5 message. Please Help.

  • Ben

    Hi all, if the article above doesn't work for you then we need to investigate individually to establish what is wrong. Please contact our support department by submitting a request at spitfireaudio.com/support

  • Masayoshi Kurokawa

    why dont works

  • Na Te

    I'm using Fl Studio and I have tried everything on this list multiple times. Even installing to a different location and I have has no luck. Please help!

  • t a

    I did not have to reinstall my labs, just replace them to their proper location

  • Diego V

    If anyone is still experimenting error #5 in Windows after trying everything suggested, please try moving the "Spitfire.properties" file from the admin account to the user account in the respective AppData\Roaming folder:

    [System_Drive]:\Users\[My_User_Name]\AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings

    That configuration file contains the instrument's location, and in my case Windows only installed it in the administrator folder, while it should also be available in the actual user's account from where you run your DAW.

    Thanks to Mike Mathison who suggested that solution to another problem:


  • Ian McLaughlin


    Thank you thank you thank you! This worked for me!!! Was about to dump the whole thing, but you allowed me to give it a second chance.

  • Dom Bassett

    Doesn't work after many redownloads

  • Seka Ajavon

    Thank you so much. That worked.

  • Angel Contreras

    Have done all steps above several times and it's not fixed yet, what can I do?

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