"Error #4 Something went wrong" in Spitfire instrument

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If you get this message when loading up a Spitfire instrument, please follow the steps below.

This error means that the instrument cannot locate the samples it needs to work. 


If one of your instruments is missing from the samples folder, you can reinstall as follows:

1. Close your DAW

2. Delete the offending LABS from the Presets and Patches folder

3. Launch the Spitfire Audio App and log in

4. Find the instrument in question by searching in the top right hand corner

5. Click on the instrument artwork

6. Click the "cog" in the bottom right and choose reset

7. Click install

8. Choose the location you wish to store the sample content for the instrument

9. Click install (not repair!)

10. Once done, launch your DAW and reopen the instrument


If you have moved the samples to a new location on your computer then you can resolve the situation as follows:

1. Close your DAW

2. Launch the Spitfire Audio App and log in

3. Find the instrument in question by searching in the top right hand corner

4. Click on the instrument artwork

5. Click Repair in the bottom right, and by following the instructions on screen select the location of the library

6. A small download will begin, be sure to wait until this is complete before proceeding

7. Once the download is finished, launch your DAW again and reopen the instrument



If this doesn't work, please click the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen and talk to us so that we can help. If you don't see the chat icon, click on the "help" icon with the question mark and submit a ticket.


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    brent barone


    I am getting the error #4 on my DAW. I follow all the instructions in the video but still have this problem . What to do?

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    Garry Grasinski

    I am having this issue with Eric Whitacre Choir (which I installed from an SA hard drive). I followed the repair instructions, the download commences, the install indicates success, but the problem persists. Suggestions?

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    Garry, I've created a ticket with our support team to help you out. Brent, hopefully you have solved your problem, if not you can contact support at spitfireaudio.com/support

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    Karsten Schroeder

    Hello, I've exactly the same problem as Garry with the Eric Whitacre Choir. Installed from SA hard drive and succesfully located in the Spitfire Audio app but still get the error #4 message when I open the plugin in my DAW. Thanks

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    Hi Karsten, I've created a ticket for you too

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    Paul Dutch

    Hi, I'm having this problem with all of my LABS instruments unfortunately. Are you able to help? Thanks.

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    Michael Burns

    Paul, I was having the same problem. Here's the fix that worked for me:
    Manually delete the contents of your 'Spitfire - LABS' folder. Then, go to the Spitfire app, and there is a small cog symbol next to each instrument. Go to that, and click 'reset'. Do this for each individual instrument, and redownload them.
    This surprisingly fixed the issue for me entirely. I can now use all LABS instruments without any issue.
    NB: If it doesn't work perfectly the first time (but it probably will), just do the same method again.

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    And if that doesn't work, please contact us at spitfireaudio.com/support

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    Paul Dutch

    Hi Michael & Ben - thanks for your replies. Michael, your fix did the trick - thanks!

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    Sarah Euschen

    I think the problem for me comes, by using the same account from two computers, my MacBook and my iMac.

    On which ever computer I install the library first I wont get the #4 error, but on the second machine it seems to fail to install the samples folder, patches and all seem get fixed with the repair option.
    Maybe Labs is not meant to work with the same account from multiple machines ?

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    Deleted everything I could find that's Spitfire except my Albion, and tried reinstalling LABS and still getting same errors.

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    I had the error #4 too, using Reason. None of the solutions above works.
    My default content path is located on an internal SSD. Path is:
    E:\Spitfire LABS Main Folder\Spitfire Audio - LABS

    "Spitfire LABS Main Folder" is the folder name I made, and "Spitfire Audio - LABS"
    was created inside my folder by the installation software.

    The REPAIR is not working as it fails to locate the instruments, even if you have
    set all the paths correctly.

    - - - -

    Here is what I did to fix it, so if you want to try it out, do the following:

    (I had already tried the solutions above, so all my downloads were in one location
    and freshly installed/repaired)

    - Open Spitfire Audio software
    - Click on "Settings"
    - Click on "Default Content Path"

    Whatever address it says there, click on it, and make sure you choose the same location
    as you used for installation/repair .

    In my case it says: E:\Spitfire LABS Main Folder
    This is the folder i made myself as mentioned earlier, and which have the
    "Spitfire Audio - LABS "-folder inside. DO NOT CHOOSE "Spitfire Audio - LABS ".

    - In top left corner, click on "My Productes"
    - Click on the first instrument
    - In the bottom right corner, click on the cog wheel (NOT REPAIR!!)
    - Choose "Locate"
    - Click on the folder name in the window on the page that opens
    - Make sure you choose "Spitfire Audio - LABS "-folder

    This folder should be located INSIDE the folder you have named yourself,
    if you named one when you installed it. In my case: The folder called
    "Spitfire LABS Main Folder" on my E: disk.

    - After choosing the "Spitfire Audio - LABS "-folder, it should now say
    "Spitfire Audio - LABS " in the little window.

    - Below, there should be 2 buttons, "Cancel" and "Locate".
    - Click on "Locate"

    After a little pause, you should see a message saying:

    "The library was relocated successfully".

    - Click "OKAY"

    In the top left corner of the picture, there is an X you can click to close it. Do that.

    Now repeat the locating procedure for all the instruments.
    Then launch your DAW.

    Hopefully this fixed the problem for you too.

    Cheers :)