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"Error #2 something went wrong" in Spitfire instrument

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If you get this message when loading up a Spitfire instrument


This may mean that the instrument needs to be updated in order to work. If updating doesn't work or you don't have any updates waiting, you'll need to contact

To update the instrument:

1. Open up the Spitfire Audio App and click on the "updates" button


2. If there is an update to the instrument, you will see it here.

3. Click on "update", select the location of the content folder (in the case of LABS, this would be "Spitfire Audio - LABS") and click "download"

If this doesn't work, please click the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen and talk to us so that we can help. If you don't see the chat icon, click on the "help" icon with the question mark and submit a ticket.

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