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If you have a red exclamation mark in the top left of your plugin interface, or a "missing presets/samples" error in BT Phobos, you will likely need to perform a repair in the Spitfire Audio App.

Repairing a library will do 3 things:

1) Re-download and authorise patches/presets to your machine. This will NOT re-download any samples.

2) Automatically update your spitfire.properties file, which is a file that links the plugin to the library content.

3) Re-download the VST/plugin files.

How to Repair

1) Open the Spitfire Audio App and log in. From here, navigate to the library you'd like to repair.

2) Towards the bottom right of the App you'll see the repair button, click this.


3) A new page will prompt you to navigate to the library install location.

In the example below, I'll be repairing Hans Zimmer Strings.


When repairing, it is important that you browse to the exact folder that the library is located. By default, the library folders would be named:

Library Folder Name
LABS "Spitfire Audio - LABS"
BT Phobos "Spitfire BT Phobos library"
Hans Zimmer Strings "Spitfire Audio - Hans Zimmer Strings"
Eric Whitacre Choir "Spitfire Audio - Eric Whitacre Choir"
Woodwind Evolutions "Spitfire Audio - Woodwind Evolutions"
Fragile String Evolutions "Spitfire Audio - Fragile String Evolutions"
Angular String Evolutions "Spitfire Audio - Angular String Evolutions"

Note: If you have renamed these folders for any reason, it is highly recommended to rename these back to the above.

4) Once you've browsed to the correct folder, select the REPAIR button.


5) This will begin a small download. You can monitor the progress of this by selecting the "Downloads" tab in the App. Once the download is complete, you're done!

"No Resets Remaining" Message


Each library has a limited number of resets, if you exceed this limit we will need to reset the libary manually for you. If you have received the message in the image above, please contact support here.

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    yin seku

    Hans Zimmer Strings Repair Failed。Tip You dont Have any resets Remaining for this Library

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    Choi Moonseok

    Hans Zimmer Strings Repair Failed tooooooooo.

    plz Developers..!!!!!!!!!!! plz try to use the repair function .........