My libraries are not showing up in the Spitfire App




  • Harris Jayaraj

    The Manager quit after inputting my Mail Id. This is happening for the second time with my Spitfire product. Please get me a clear solution on this.

    Harris Jayaraj

  • Ben

    Harris, I have created a ticket for you so that one of our support staff can assist. Very sorry about the problems that you're having.

  • Thery Ehrlich

    Are the lab libraries also supposed to show in the manager ? If not, how can I redownload them ?

  • Ben

    Thery, LABs products do not show up in the Library Manager. Instead they are sent to you as a download link in your email. If you have bought a LABs product and haven't received an email, please contact our support team. Thanks!

  • Mike Giorgio

    Hans Zimmer player installed but only opens in demo mode.???

  • Mike Giorgio

    Did a batch re-save but it still is happening.

  • Ben

    Mike, there's a couple of reasons why this might be happening so I've created a ticket for you in our support system. One of our technicians will help you resolve this.

  • Joe Petrolo

    Just Purchased Plucked Grand trying to download from emailed link and its telling me 1day 7 hours to download a 550 meg file hello ??? is it 1978 ??

    Checked my connection can download from other sites in less than 20 mins

    Please help :-)


  • Ben

    Joe, this must be a temporary issue on the Amazon servers that we use, sometimes the local servers have an issue and it's just a case of waiting for 10 minutes and then trying again. If you continue to have problems, just get in touch with us on our chat system or "submit a request" at

  • Dylan Haveron

    Hello, I am trying to download my new Scary Strings purchase from Spitfire, but the Audio Library Manager tells me that I've got "No Libraries Available", and No Libraries Installed".

    Can you help?


  • Ben

    Hi Dylan! "Scary Strings" is a "LABS" instrument and isn't downloaded with the Library Manager, you should have received an email with a link to the download. If you didn't, please contact support at

  • Eduardo Yanez


    I have Kontakt 5.7.1 and in order to add a library I have to imput the serial number of the library.
    I have just bought 9 spitfire lab products and I have received the mails to donwload them.

    However, I can not find their serial numbers.

    In the my account's TAB serial number I have no serial number at all. Without a serial number I can't add the library to kontakt 5.

    How can I find my serial numbers please?    

    Thank you

  • Ben

    Hi Eduardo, I'll create a ticket for you so you can have a dialogue with one of our support agents. The short answer is that LABS products do not have serial numbers, they need to be accessed in the "files" tab of Kontakt FULL

  • Francisco Hauck

    Hello Ben. The funniest thing is going on. I purchased all the products in one HD, which I received and installed all the libraries, using the serial numbers listed. There are several libraries that require serial numbers, and a lot that show "No serial necessary". When I added libraries in Kontakt, the folders that recognized libraries to install were the ones with a serial number to punch in (obviously) and when I try to add a "no serial necessary" it gives me message that "No Libraries Found".
    The issue is that I want to use the harp (one that doesn't require a serial number). It must be under "DEFINITIVE - PERCUSSION REDUX PERCUSSION REDUX" (serial number XXXX).
    Well, this library isn't listed in my Library tab. When I navigate and open the harp instrument, it gives me a nice red "DEMO" stamp. Now, if it is there, it was installed. And why then it didn't request for the authorization code? I really need to use it, and since I pay for the "ALL" deal, it is very frustrating.
    I can only imagine that I didn't install the master library that would require authorization. That is unlikely, and weird. Because I have everything listed in my drive.
    Your libraries and install system are confusing. VSL is far easier since they use their own player.
    Please advise.

  • Ben

    Hi Francisco, I've created a ticket in our support system so that one of my agents can help you out.

  • Gary Sutton

    My recent purchase of BT Phobos is not appearing in the library download app. Can you please advise?

  • Ben

    Hi Gary, I have created a ticket in our support system so we can help you out

  • Ben

    The issue is most likely due to the fact that you are not using the latest version of the library manager. Phobos will not appear in earlier versions of the Library Manager application.

  • Peter Scartabello

    My new purchase of BT Phobos is not showing up in the library manager. I am almost positive I am using the right email address and login, can you help please? Thanks

  • Peter Scartabello

    P.S. I can’t go up to the newest version of library manager because I am on on a Mac system 10.9.5 thanks

  • Peter Scartabello

    Can you please tell me how to proceed? If I can’t get Phobos to show up I’m going to need a refund thanks.

  • Ben

    Hi Peter, Phobos actually requires the latest version of the Library Manager in order to show up, so I'm afraid your system is not compatible with Phobos. If you have not downloaded, you are entitled to a refund, please submit a request at

  • Peter Scartabello

    There should be other delivery options for the software, this is kind of silly.

  • Peter Scartabello

    Could I download to my surface I wonder? Then transfer it to my Mac? What do you think?

  • Ben

    Hi Peter, it is the installation, authorisation process and the plug-in itself which requires OS 10.10, so I'm afraid the only option is to install and use it on a computer running 10.10 or higher.

  • Peter Scartabello

    Ohhhhhh I see. Ok if I could get refund now and I’ll buy later. I don’t won’t to open Pandora’s box w a system upgrade right now because I’m in the middle of scoring a film! 😊 Thanks for your help Ben!

  • Peter Moore

    I purchased Spitfire Symphonic Strings. Before I started to install last night, Lib Mgr said it'd consume 94.77 GB on my 500GB SSD that had 196 GB available. And when I asked it to install it said it might not be able to fit everything; regardless I decided to risk it, and the install took awhile but after a few hours it appeared to have finished. Today I boot up and Lib Mgr still says I have SSS "available for download" and says I have "no libraries installed."  Huh? 
    I'm guessing something critical didn't make it in.  SSS library folder contains six  .lm files (two of which are 50GB) and a Samples folder with 93 items---and has taken a whopping 196.14 on my HD and as such there's no space left.
    I've cleared another 11+GB off that drive but what should I do? Download & install everything all over again? Will it need more than the added 11GB?  I'm not sure if I've ever installed a library that required over twice the space it says it requires.

  • Ben

    Hi Peter, our libraries do need over twice the space available while installing. This is because there is a point during the process where the zipped and unzipped files exist on the destination drive. You shouldn't need a great deal more than double, just make sure you are comfortably over!

  • Mel David

    Hi folks, I am a Albion Legacy owner and took advantage of the offer to upgrade to One 10th Anniversary. I have successfully downloaded and unzipped the 55.73GB library to /Users/Shared/Spitfire Albion ONE library

    However, in Native Access, I am unable to add the library. It is asking me to browse to the folder where I have unzipped Albion but my selection results in "Library path is not valid." error. Is it actually referring to the old Albion Legacy folder? I don't have the old one installed on this computer anymore, but I'm sure I have the files on a hard drive somewhere.

  • Ben

    Hi Mel, if you're getting that error, it's generally because Native Access can't find a .nicnt file in the folder that you're pointing it to, so just check that the "Spitfire Albion ONE library" folder you are browsing for contains the "Albion ONE.nicnt" file. It is not referring to the Albion Legacy folder at all, everything you need should have been downloaded in the 55.73GB.

    If this doesn't help, please contact us by creating a ticket at

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