Switching Articulations in Spitfire Libraries




  • Bruce Kaphan

    Could you please tell me how to enable keyswitches in instruments that support them? For instance, in Spitfire Chamber Strings, violins 1, I'm not seeing any red keys. Using Kontakt 5.6.1 in Pro Tools 11.1.2, Mac OS 10.10.5

  • Russell Pay

    As Bruce asks, how on earth do you actually switch on the keyswitches? I also have no red keys. Mucked about with the settings for half an hour with no joy. Can't help feeling this should be a bit more intuitive and obvious.


  • Russell Pay

    Found them! They are way down the keyboard out of range of the default view on Kontakt. Setting the Octave button to zero on the K5 keyboard panel revealed them.

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