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How to set-up multiple outputs in Kontakt

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1. With Kontakt open, located the workspace image and select outputs from the dropdown menu. This will open your outputs menu. 


2. In the outputs window, select the + to add outputs.


3. Specify the number of channels that you would like to create. In this example, I will be adding 7 stereo outputs. By default Kontakt will already have 1 stereo output, meaning that this will bring the total to 8.

Under soundcard/host output you should select the first unused output. In most cases this is kt. aux 1 [1]. If you would like Kontakt to keep this selection every time you load a new instance, select make this your default configuration. Once you've made your selections, press OK. 

Note: We have selected 2 for number of channels as we would like to create a stereo output, if you wanted to create a mono output you would choose 1.


4. You will now see the outputs that you've added.


5. In your Kontakt window you will now be able to see and select your newly created outputs.


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