How It Works - British Drama Toolkit

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In this video, Sandy takes you through the user interface controls for the British Drama Toolkit.


How It Works: British Drama Toolkit


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    Peter Palos

    Dear Spitfire!

    I have purchased several products from you before and with all of them I was highly satisfied except the British Drama Toolkit.

    Recently I purchased the British Drama Toolkit product. My main issue is that I am not offered the main.nki setting when I load up the instrument in cubase. Therefore I am not offered all the aritucalaions and dynamics as seen in the beginning of the tutorial. Also the sustained notes are sustained instead they break off into smaller notes that makes it hard for used them in film music. Is there any way to changed that? If not is it possible to return this product?

    Thank you very much in advance,

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Best regards,

    Peter Palos

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    Hi Peter, support is not open until Monday Morning, I happened to catch your comment whilst browsing my inbox so took a quick moment to create a support case for you. This will be replied to on Monday. Thanks