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How do I add a player library in Kontakt 5.6.8 or later?

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If you have one of our Player Libraries you can add it via the Libraries tab in Kontakt and Kontakt Player. A quick way to tell if a Library is a Player Library is that you will have a serial number to register the library with NI.

The method for adding Player Libraries changed with the release of Kontakt 5.6.8. Please follow the following steps to add a library to this version or later. 

*If your library does not have a serial number or it states "Kontakt Full Required" on the product page then these instructions are not applicable and the library will instead be loaded via the files tab. If you are unsure if your library is a player library please see here

**Please make sure that you have updated to at least Kontakt 5.6.8 and that you have Native Access installed**

First open Kontakt and navigate to the Libraries tab, then click the Manage Libraries button as pictured. In 5.6.8 this will say Add Library instead



Clicking this button will launch Native Access, if you are not logged in with your NI account you will be prompted to log in, please take care that you use the correct NI account as the library will be connected with this account permanently. If you are running Kontakt 5.8 or later, you can then click the Launch Native Access button.


You will need to click the Add a serial button pictured below once Native Access launches, if you are running Kontakt 5.6.8 you can skip this step.




Native Access will now present you with the following screen: 


Please copy and paste the 25 digit serial number that will have been included in your confirmation email and then click + Add Serial 

Once you have added this you will be asked to browse to the folder containing the library. For Spitfire libraries this is the folder where the Spitfire Audio App downloaded to and in most cases will be named "Spitfire ... ... Library". In the examples below we are adding HZ03 percussion so the library folder is going to be named Spitfire HZ03 Library. First click Browse (to the right in the picture below).



Now navigate to the library folder (in this case Spitfire HZ03 Library) and click open as pictured below. Now Click install which should be a blue button now instead of grey.


Once you have followed these steps the library should now be installed correctly. To make sure it appears as a pane in the libraries tab, you may need to refresh the tab in Kontakt using the refresh button next to the add library button (pictured below).



If you have followed these steps you should now see the library appear in the browser on the left. If you don't see the library or run into any issues with this process please contact us at and we will troubleshoot with you. 

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  • Avatar
    Mike Bryant

    What if the product comes with no serial number (as in the case of Sacconi strings)?

  • Avatar

    Hi Mike,

    If a product comes with no serial number this is likely a 'non-player library', meaning that you'll need to load the instruments directly through the 'files' tab in Kontakt.


  • Avatar
    R Neylon

    These libraries - without serial numbers - load as "demo" versions. What to do? Please?
    I can run two stand alone versions of Kontakt - ie one that works with the two libraries I have with serial numbers and one that works with all the others - but I cannot load two versions of Kontakt as plug-ins in Logic Pro. Can I?

  • Avatar
    Dexter Garcia

    How do you add a library without a serial number? I just bought the Martyn Ware library for $99 and I can't even figure out how to add this to Kontakt.

    @Luke seems like R Neylon needs an answer too...

  • Avatar

    Hi Dexter and R Neylon,

    Libraries without serial numbers are those which require Kontakt full (not Kontakt player) Please see a quick guide on how to use these libraries here:

    R Neylon, there is no need to run two versions of Kontakt, the latest version of Kontakt full will work with both types of library.


  • Avatar
    Ray Russell

    Hi, I only have nine letters to authorise and I cant add a serial as I need more letters?

  • Avatar

    Hi Ray

    It sounds like you are looking at your order reference and not your serial number, you should have received this number in your download ready email but it can also be found here whilst logged in.

  • Avatar
    Olivier Poeydomenge

    my serial doesn't work. They say "the serial doesn’t belong to a known product…"