Spitfire Audio App - The App Won't Open




  • Joseph De Nardis

    Starting the app results in "Something went wrong... Are you connected to the internet? " error even after the lm.conf file was deleted. I even tried reinstalling clean by removing the old w/App cleaner app & installing from a new download and the problem persists. This is happening on both my macPro 2013 12 core, and my late 2015 macbook pro.
    HELP Please!

  • Jorge Fornies

    same problem here. I can't run the app no matter what I do :( it's frustrating

  • Joseph De Nardis

    Jack from Spitfire sorted it out for me. My problem had to do with my Firewall settings.
    System Preferences / Security & Privacy /Firewall - When turned on, make sure under 'Firewall Options' 'Automatically allow downloaded signed software to receive incoming connections......' is checked &/or add spitfire app to the list of apps that are allowed incoming connections.

    Hope this helps,

  • Terry Davies

    Having same issue here. Firewall not on, but cannot access the app!

  • davey jones

    same problem here.. tried firewall off and firewall on with Spitfire allowed? any other methods? (also checked the firewall on my router)

  • Matias Piipari

    Same issue – deleted the lm.conf file, no firewall enabled. This is on macOS 10.13.6 (8-core iMac Pro)

  • Donovan Colton

    Might be redundant but also having the same issue as everyone else on my iMac Pro.

  • Dyfan Jones

    Same problem here - Firewall off and conf file deleted. Still won't open.

  • davey jones

    i'm starting to wonder if maybe their server is down this weekend? does anyone know any exsiting owners who can open the app and log in at the moment?

  • Dyfan Jones

    I've been downloading all weekend - everything stopped at about 2pm BST here then App wouldn't open either.

  • Jack

    Hi Guys, apologies for the delay in response to any support cases you have created, or to this thread regarding your issues.

    I noticed a lot of emails coming into my account so wanted to update you all whilst I had a moment this weekend.

    Since Friday, we have been experiencing issues where the servers are going down and we appreciate your patience whilst we get chance to look into this. I will address all your support cases first thing tomorrow, and I have just escalated this situation with our operations team to get it fixed as soon as possible.


  • Eric Owyoung

    Same problem. Looks like all these posts are from today. I've tried on different Macs and have the same message which is indicating that the problem is on spitfire's server. A friend of mine says he has had this problem before and that spitfires servers get choked up at times. Looks like we're all trying to use your Sunday to download. My suspicion is that we need to wait for the problem to be fixed on their end or for someone to come in on Monday morning to realize that the server is not working. Happy waiting!

  • Jack

    Hi All,

    Please try your Apps again, the server should be accessible again. If you could comment back to update me, it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Donovan Colton

    Success. Thank you, Jack. Very excited to get playing with the new library.

  • Dyfan Jones

    I'm in.
    Thanks Jack. Fair play - Half eight on a Sunday evening! Good work.

  • davey jones

    seems to be working! thanks for sorting the issue so quickly!

  • Eric Owyoung

    You rock on the weekend Jack, thanks!

  • Eric Owyoung

    Hi, Jack. Sorry to say that after a good few hours of download it looks like there server is not working again. My download is only 1/4 way through and I cannot log on now. Thanks!

  • Jack

    Hi Eric, it should be back up by now. Can you confirm this for me?

  • Eric Owyoung

    Yeah, its back in. Seems like it stops for awhile and then gets going. Its currently running at 14.6mbps and my 100gig download is 1/2 way done now. Are you thinking its smooth sailing from here?

  • Eric Owyoung

    Scratch that. Its paused at 44.83GB again (out of 101.78). It's not moving. Typically when this has been happening, I try to close the app and reopen. When reopening, I can't log back in. Should I let it be stalled, or try to login again?

  • Jack

    Already raised the issue, I am monitoring it closely. Should be fixed again shortly.

  • Sebastian Schroeder

    App freezes everytime I try to log-in. The dotted cirlce animation appears and the it freezes.
    Using Mac OSX 10.8.5

  • Antonino Sartori

    i have windows 7

    An error appaers "the file api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing"

  • Kwae jin Youn

    boost::filesystem::create_directories ?? what??

  • jl thermi

    Is Spitfire Audio App working on Mac 10.8.5 ?


  • Edgar Struble

    What's the point of having a place to ask questions if no answers are posted? How arrogant.

  • Caleb Waymeyer

    Currently having this problem! Non of the suggested fixes solved my problem. I'm just hoping the server is down and will be fixed soon.

  • Bob Bruning

    One of my music tech students got so excited about the Eric Whitacre contest that we've made a lesson plan and have 19 students involved! Meanwhile, however, the first student to download the Spitfire player finds that it is installing on our old iMac 10.6.8 computers...but it won't launch. Local Firewall is turned off. Of course the school's network firewall is active and we have no classroom control over that. As there is no Music\Spitfire Audio folder yet created, we cannot locate the lm.conf file. Given the age of our computers and the OS we are stuck with, is this problem solvable at all? Is there a workaround you might suggest?

  • Jaeyoung Lee

    When I launch the app, it says 'bad conversion'. How can I solve this?

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