What format should my drive be? And how do I change the format?

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The format of your drive will greatly affect the library performance. If you are having disk errors, it may be your drive needs reformatting. 


  • The most efficient format for Mac Users is Mac OS (Journaled) 
  • The most efficient format for Windows users is NTFS. 



Before changing your drive format, we suggest creating a backup of the contents that are stored on your samples drive. The process of changing the drive format erases the drives contents. 



How do I change my drive format (MAC) 

Open "disk utility", select the drive on the left hand side that you wish to formatted. 


Click "Erase". After clicking "erase", you can then select the drive format. Choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled)


How do I change my drive format (Windows) 

Find the drive in your file browser. Right click the drive and choose "Format".


Under the drop down, select "File System", choose NTFS. Click Start


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    Ludovic Vandepoele

    Hi there,

    I already have some libraries on an exFat external SSD drive. Could you kindly confirm that copying everything to a temporary drive, re-formatting the SSD to NTFS and putting everything back on would not affect anything or consume another license?

    Thanks a lot for your answer and your great libraries !


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    Hi Ludovic.

    I can confirm you can copy these files to a temporary drive then move it all back again once formatted to NTFS.

    Ensure the names / locations of the files are the same. That way Kontakt will link up automatically.


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    Ludovic Vandepoele

    Good news.
    Thanks a lot for this very fast answer. Impressive!