What does Optimise mean in the Spitfire App?




  • John Pope

    I did this and no longer see my presets at all in the Kontakt (6.2.0) browser. In the appropriate folders (which worked, pre-optimisation) there are now .zpreset, .zmulti and .zconfig files. But none of them are visible in Kontakt. I see no .nkc or .nkr files. 

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  • Lance Clark

    I'm trying to do this with the BBCSO Professional library, and it seems to stop at file 194 of 138271. I left it overnight and it didn't finish.

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  • Richard Eggleston

    With BBC SO Core, I get the same issue as Johm - my user presets are no longer visible in the plugin, after optimising. Also, is this still relevant for SSDs? There should be no jumping around, should there?

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