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I have found a bug

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In some cases we can't squash them all and bugs shamefully make their way through. 

If you think you have found a bug, please contact us HERE with all the relevant information:

  • A description of the bug you have found
  • A screencast (video) of the bug happening, or an audio example
  • The exact patch name (or patches) in question and also the library

Giving us as much detail as possible will help us get to the bottom of the issue. 

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    daniel korrson

    Hi guys, I've downloaded the spitfire manager and wanted to install the LAB soft piano (v1.03) plugin yesterday but the manager keeps crashing once the download of the LAB content is complete. My MBP is running the latest OS mojave and I've reinstalled the manager to ensure that everything is up to date. I've chosen different paths to install the LAB content to, unfortunately without success. I've also tried repairing - this however leads to the same issue.
    would be very grateful for a solution. greetings from switzerland - daniel

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    Hi Daniel, please contact us by choosing "submit a request" at and we'll be glad to get you going.