I already own part of a collection and want to complete it

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If you already own one or more products from a collection and want to complete it, our intelligent cart will work out the cost of the bundle based on what you own already. You'll see the price that has been deducted just below the product that is sitting in your cart.

More information on our collections is available here.

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    Johan Hegge

    There seems to be an anomaly in some cases.
    I was checking Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Strings Edition (SSO CS EDITION) and made a price simulation.
    Since I already have the Chamber Strings Professional Edition - a superset of the Standard Edition - I was expecting a deduction at least on par with that one.
    That was not the case however ...

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    Hi Johan,

    You're quite right about this, unfortunately it's a technical limitation of our current website. We can sort out the correct price for you however if you contact our support team at spitfireaudio.com/support. Ben