Missing Patches and Samples in Phobos




  • James Gilbert

    It is extremely frustrating when everything was working just fine until installing an update caused me to see Phobos say "no patches found." I can use the program, but I have to program my own patches. Unfortunately I no longer have the bandwidth with my internet connection (thanks AT&T for not supporting rural customers & implementing data caps) and do not have the option to download Phobos again! Now what do I do?

  • Ben

    Hi James, I created a ticket from your comment so our support guys can help you out.

  • Rodney Wilson

    When I updated BT Phobos to 1.05 on a PC Slave , the patches had new file dates but the preset files did not. It seems that BT Phobos will not recognized the presets in the Preset folder. I have reinstalled 4 times but always the same problem. BT Phobos recognizes the patches but it does not recognized the presets. I did create a support ticket.

  • Ben

    Thanks Rodney, one of our agents will get back to you on the support ticket you created

  • David Majzlin

    This has not worked for me either. I installed a new internal drive for samples, moved everything over and it still won't load samples. I've also edited the .properties file, but to no avail. In the middle of a project - please help!

  • Christopher Albanese

    Does anyone have a solution yet for this? Once again this synth is crippled. Each version release seems to require users to plan a blackout period around any potential for creativity.

  • Rodney Wilson

    If you are using Windows 10 I believe you must download a full new install because of how Windows registers the vst samples and identifies app versions. That was my experience when I upgraded to 1.1

  • Sandy

    Hi David we are looking into your open support ticket but please bear in mind that Phobos is installed and authorised only on the computer that you used to do the install. If you need to install onto a second computer, you must run the Library Manager on that computer, reset the download for Phobos and download and authorise Phobos again.

    Christopher, I have opened a support ticket for you so that we can try to help with any issues you are experiencing.

  • Monty Barlow

    My library manager crashses when trying to install BT Phobos - about 60% way through unzipping. (I'm reinstalling because editing spitfire.properties was not sufficient to make it find patches etc. following a drive letter change on Windows 10).
    The drive has loads of free space. Please advise

  • Ben

    Hi Monty, the latest version of the Library Manager should fix this problem for you. I have created a ticket from your comment in case you have any other problems or questions. Ben

  • Arlo West

    I just bought this. I installed all of the samples ok but no patches or presets downloaded. Is this a common issue because reading the above does not sound very encouraging.

  • Ben

    Hi Arlo, you can solve this issue by going into the library manager, selecting the Phobos library and then "reset download" from the library menu. You can then choose "reauthorise", point to the location where you have downloaded Phobos and this should solve the issue. I appreciate this is complicated and may raise more questions so I have created a ticket on your behalf from your comment above.

  • Claudio Melis

    I reset from audio manager but I have patches but no presets

  • Ben

    Claudio, I have created a ticket in our support system so that one of our agents can get back to you.


  • Claudio Melis

    hi ben, thx but yesterday Grace help me to fix my problem. I reinstalled the audio manager with an exe that Grace give to me (2.1.8). Grace tells me that she reset my library and then I download it again (about 100mb) with reauthorize button. once phobos has been reinstalled my problem is gone! hope it helps all other users and thx so much for the great support

  • Tyves O

    hey guys... since stupid Windows forced me to update phobos Shows me exactly that sentence.... I have all phobos related samples/files on the original external HD and also never changed that... or copied them anywhere... but ist doesnt work... also I tried to find the link you posted here (AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings) but Windows couldnt find it... is there any other solution how I could get it back? apart from a complete new download...? for that reason I got the HD from you ;o) because of my fabulous fast Internet Connection... thanks for your help...

  • Ben

    Hi Tyves, in your situation, the "reauthorise" option in the Library Manager should work. Failing that, you can do a second install using the files that we provided on the hard drive, meaning that you won't need to download all of the content.

  • Tyves O

    hiya ben... well, i couldnt find any reauthorise Option...
    just "logout", "refesh libraries" and "reset download"...
    even if I click on phobos theres no Option on the right table to be found... mmmh...
    what did I wrong?... thanks a lot ;o)

  • Ben

    Sorry Tyves, you need to reset the library and then reauthorise. If you can't get it working, please contact one of our support team at spitfireaudio.com/support , this may not be the best place to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Narayanan Vaidyanathan

    hi - I am having a similar issue with BT Phobos - like after my recent windows update, there are no presets showing up, existing tracks with phobos produce no output. I checked the spitfire audio settings file in users roaming folder and that seems in order. I sent an email to support yesterday but have not heard back. I need to export tracks today for a project, so would be great if I can get some help to resolve this.

  • andrew bird

    Same error, re-setting re-authorising from the library manager worked for us.
    FYI: We are on a 2.3ghx i7 at the moment and all seems fine.

  • eu jin kong

    After the update to 1.0.5, there are no presets to be found, hence no sound coming from phobos at all. Checked everything and library is in the right location, settings are all correct. Re-authorized the library but to no avail. Mac OS 10.12.06 Sierra running on 16GB 2.5Ghz Macbook Pro. Would appreciate some help on this.

  • Ben

    Hi eu jin kong, you may need to edit your spitfire.preferences file. I can see that you have also created a ticket for support so they will be able to help.

  • Jean-Laurent Maestre

    I am sorry but I am beyond frustration...

    Not only Phobos is difficult to install due the lack of clarity of your installation user guide(2018, how is it still possible?), but now it cannot find the presets anymore... AND I DID NOT DO ANYTHING SPECIAL! I just loaded it on a track...

    Your suggestion for fixing the issue obviously did not work... And I am not able to redownload and reinstall Phobos because the poor little library manager tool does not find anything to downlaod... So, I will have to open a ticket to get some help from you, again...

    Next time I get a problem with Phobos, I think I will uninstall it and claim for a refund

  • Ben

    Hi Jean-Laurent,

    Sorry for the trouble, I couldn't find a ticket from you so I have created one from your comment above. One of my agents will get back to you

  • Tyves O

    hi there ben...

    I did yesterday (after a Long time, because I had no time to do it) what you recommended here:

    (If you have not moved the library to a different computer or to a different location on your computer, you should "reauthorise" Phobos by clicking on the library in the Spitfire Audio App and then choosing "reset" from the cog and then "entire library", then, click on the X in the top left, click on the library again and choose "reauthorise" from the cog.)

    it took a Little while to have the library reauthorised (from pause to installed i mean)
    but it did it finally then...

    but when I load the plugin ist still searching for the samples... oO
    what next?
    thanks a lot for your help... cheerio...

  • Sandy

    Hi Tyves

    I will create a support case for you so we can follow this up and get you up and running.


  • Mike Mathison


    I use Windows 10 as a standard user – not as an admin user.

    I installed BT Phobos a few days ago (virgin install) using the Spitfire Audio app, but when the plugin first ran in my DAW it could not find any content.

    To fix the problem with Phobos I copied the file 'Spitfire.properties' from:

    [System_Drive]:\Users\[Admin_User_Name]\AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings


    [System_Drive]:\Users\[My_User_Name]\AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings

    (Note that in order to see these directories you need to make 'hidden items' visible by ticking the appropriate box in the' View' tab of file explorer)

    I had exactly the same problem recently when installing Spitfire Labs (also a Spitfire in-house plugin).

    Perhaps this issue does not turn up when the Spitfire Audio app is being tested on Windows because the account used for testing is an admin account rather than a standard user account?

  • Diego V

    Thank you Mike, that worked for me. Solved another error, #5 actually.

  • Ian Dean

    BT Phobos, purchased 2017, attempted to install on both my systems, failed. Occasionally attempted to correct the errors, failed. Broadband good in one location, not in another. Why is it so difficult for Spitfire Audio to provide a workaround? Mention above of 'editing properties' - how do we know? Anyone here actually have this instrument functioning regularly?

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