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Missing Samples or Patches in Phobos

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If you get an error message about missing samples or patches in Phobos this means that Phobos cannot locate the content that it needs to run.



This may be because you have tried to move the content onto a new computer. Phobos is installed and authorised ONLY on the computer that you used to do the install. If you need to install onto a second computer, you must run the Library Manager on that computer, reset the download for Phobos and download and authorise Phobos again.

If you have not moved the content onto a second computer, please look in the Spitfire BT Phobos Library folder for the following folders:


The Patches folder should be a little under 20MB and contain nearly 5000 files. The Presets folder should be a little over 11MB and contain just over 700 files. The Samples folder should be over 20GB and contain nearly 2,500 files.

If all those folders are present and appear correct and you are still having the issue, then navigate to the following location on Mac:

username/Music/Spitfire Audio/Settings ("username" represents your home directory)

Or PC:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings

Open the file in a text editor and you should see something like this:


This file shows Phobos where to find the content that it needs and can be directly edited if the folders have moved for any reason.

If the above does not work or your Patches, Presets or Sample folders are missing or incomplete, then reset the library from the Library Manager and download Phobos again.


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    James Gilbert

    It is extremely frustrating when everything was working just fine until installing an update caused me to see Phobos say "no patches found." I can use the program, but I have to program my own patches. Unfortunately I no longer have the bandwidth with my internet connection (thanks AT&T for not supporting rural customers & implementing data caps) and do not have the option to download Phobos again! Now what do I do?

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    Hi James, I created a ticket from your comment so our support guys can help you out.