BBC SO Pro and VEPro 7 AU3 crashes



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    Hi Roger Philbrick

    I have created a ticket for you so that one of my colleague's can contact you directly and attempt to replicate. 

    All the best,


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  • Roger Philbrick

    I have consulted VSL and they have responded:

    "It sounds very much like the plug-in itself is crashing in VE Pro and takes it down. My colleagues at Spitfire have VE Pro available for testing, so this should be easy to replicate. Did you send them your test song?"

    I am certainly happy to send my simple Logic test song for further investigation if this would help. It confirms that simply switching to a multi-tongue articulation causes an immediate crash of both the BBC SO instrument & the PC slave VE Pro instance when connected to Logic via VEPro AU3.

    Thanking you,

    Roger Philbrick

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