The soft piano has some clicking sounds



  • Official comment

    Hi folks 

    Our LABS Soft Piano does have some slightly quirky and characterful note attacks including the occasional "fingernail on the key". This is intentional and is part of what we feel gives the piano some of its unique character and vibe.

    If you like the timbre of Soft Piano are looking for a more traditionally sampled piano with a felted sound I'd recommend looking at the Originals Cinematic Soft Piano and Originals Felt Piano which can be found here. Whilst they are not free like LABS Soft Piano, they are certainly some of our more  affordable products. 


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  • Tarik Frimpong

    I am having the same issue! Did you find a way to solve this? 

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  • frank lang

    I was having the same problem, and I think it is intentional. Not exactly a solution, but the sound only noticeably happens in the higher notes so if you can bring the melody down, (A5 being the lowest note with a click) then  your problem should go away. Some of the lower notes have extra sounds but the sounds shouldn't be loud enough to be noticeable in a full song or even in chords. Hope this helps!

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