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  • Sebastian Sonntag

    What's your RAM usage? I'm having significant issues with way more RAM used than the plugin tells me and also get heavy clicks and dropouts. I'm running it on Windows though, so I'm curious if there's a difference on Mac.

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  • Josh Hunt

    Seeing the same issues with VEPro 6 into Cubase 9.5 (Mac).

    • Full template reporting ~14GB in app and system RAM usage at anywhere from 55GB all the way up to 70GB.

    • Since this screenshot, i've halved both of the preload / buffer values and brought RAM footprint down to 55GB. No effect on performance.

    Also, i'm noticing significant time to load into RAM, which makes loading up in progress songs difficult. It takes a full 18 minutes for the green indicator light to stop flashing (indicating that samples are loading into RAM?), at which point my big "tutti" demo stress test will playback with the fewest dropouts.

    Even then, still seeing multiple dropouts and stuttering and have to resort to freezing tracks to continue working.

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  • Ben

    Hi guys, please contact us at spitfireaudio.com/support (use the "submit a request" link in the top right) and we'll discuss this directly with you

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  • Bastien Agussol

    I noticed a extreme Memory usage with BBC SO. As you guys said, BBC SO takes a long time to be fully charged (led indicator in the plugin).

    I use a 2018 Mac mini with 6 Core i7 and 32Go of RAM, BBC SO on spitfire SSD. No problem with another library on Kontakt (lot of heavy sessions with 56+ tracks). 

    I didn't notice any CPU overusage, but definitely RAM usage issue. I've seen some Mac users with iMac pro and 64Go of RAM having the same issue, It's seems like the entire BBC SO library wants to be charged into the RAM, strange. I really hope it could be resolved soon with an update. 

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