DAWs and Spitfire



  • Svavar Traustason

    I see no one has commented here
    im just browsing to kill time
    anyway lets get to the point
    ive used pro tools for plus ten years
    mainly recording audio
    as my use of virtual instruments gre i found that protools is weak
    i mean it does basic things but it is not gonna ever provide me with 300 plus tracks in template unless i go HD
    and it still will be rather weak in midi
    so i did almost a year reseach 
    it got filtered down to either logic cubase or ableton
    so what am i aiming at?
    Game-TV-Film-and personal band singer songwriting
    i choose cubase
    junkie XL and Hans Zimmer uses it and tons of big composers out there
    it is the most stable platform with large templates
    it has great midi functions 
    HZ said with expression of discussed that he could hear when logic was being used but i think he was taking the piss 
    ive been diving deep into cubase for 2 months now
    no crashes and i have 200 tracks in my template and its wonderful to use.
    its my main writing sequencer and ill continue to use protools for mixing
    if you get cubase you wont be dissapointed.
    but if not then im possitive that logic or ableton are no worse
    people do wonderful things with what they have.

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  • Nicholas Pocengal

    Thanks for the comments.  I have heard pretty much the same thing re: pro tools and Cubase so thanks for further confirmation.

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  • Craig Hlady

    I have  been using  Digital Performer for many years and rarely use my PT 11 . Lots of film score composers have used DP because of its scoring features . 

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  • Sandy

    Hi Nick 

    Whilst our plugins and Kontakt will generally work in any host which supports AU, VST and AAX you're best sticking to the industry standards for stability and support. 

    The consensus amongst our users seems to be to use Logic, Cubase and  Protools as well as Digital performer. A reasonable number also use Ableton, Bitwig, Studio One and so on, but your mileage may vary. 

    If you're in doubt about compatibility please reach out to us on the support team. 


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