Attacks uneven?



  • Ray Cervenka

    Virtual Instruments are held hostage to your MIDI implementation and become evident with any short-attack. MIDI quantize will never correct this Each DAW will deliver a different "response" as well (Logic vs. ProTools)

    If using VEP, I've seen some users run one Slave with the least amount of latency for such articulations.

    A very solid-method is to 'print' all staccato parts and beat-detective each track in ProTools especially when combining with intricate rhythm instruments. Although this can feel 'stiff', using DNA-groove templates from Numerical-Sound can 'humanize' the performance. Founder Ernest Cholakis did an incredible amount of work in providing real-solutions. There is a 'free' collection extrapolated from drummer Bernard Perdie that I've used many times on underscores and major pop-productions. Its really the missing link when creating your own unique "mock-up" orchestras. Feel is everything.


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  • Richard Davis

    Your response is appreciated, Ray. I am familiar with varying response from DAWs, being fluent in many of them. In this case I would think that varying accuracy of DAWs is not the issue. In a demo that a company puts forward, I would think it would be presented in the best light. And the writing is wonderful - it’s just that the slop is far greater than what one might expect from a DAW. So what I’m trying to figure out is if it’s due to a great variation in onset times. And if there’s anything to be done about it. Some libraries allow attack offsets, at the expense of transients. And some libraries are better at this than others- the VSL Chamber Strings are very tight, although they are not huge sections.

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