What is the COG and how do I use it?

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The COG is a great tool for going 'under the hood' and fine tuning our libraries. Using the COG we can control almost all of the available round robins in a library, from changing the tuning and release volumes, to even skipping certain round robins altogether.

To access the COG, make sure that you're first in the Expert View by selecting the wrench (). You'll see the COG in the bottom left corner of the interface.

Note: The COG will be unavailable on certain complex patches, such as Performance Legato.


After selecting the COG you'll be displayed with 4 of the following options:

Remove all tweaks — removes all custom changes that you have made with the COG

Save tweaks — save any current tweaks that you have made as a Kontakt Script file

Load tweaks — load any of your previously saved settings

Tweak last played note — play a note on your keyboard and select this option to start editing!

Using the COG

After playing a note and selecting tweak last played note you'll have the following options:


Remove All Note Tweaks

This option will remove all tweaks from the round robin that you have selected. You can see the specific RR that you have selected from the text at the top of the window.

Skip This RR

Selecting this will prevent the round robin from being played at all, and will instead skip onto the next available. This is very useful if you find one round robin doesn't quite sound as you'd like!

Adjust Tune/Vol

Gives you the ability to adjust the tuning and volume of the round robin selected. For very fine tuning, you can tune in smaller increments by holding shift whilst click & dragging.


Adjust Release

This option will alter the volume and tuning of the release triggers, which will affect the perceived decay of the note. Whilst we always balance these as best as we can, in some cases you may find that release triggers are too loud or too quiet, this is often due to the natural varying volume in certain sustained notes. Using this we can adjust the volume to match.


Sample Start

Only available in specific COG patches, this will tighten and loosen the sample starts of short notes. It's worth noting that this has essentially been replaced by our Tightness control on the interface.



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