Do You Offer Educational Discounts for Collections?



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  • Daniela Tocan

    The educational Support i guess needs additional review internal by the Managementof Spitfire audio. The process is to much complicate for people like me that do not speak english.

    For example. I did apply for the core Libary. But the endprice is more than i can manage. OK i decide not to buy and wait for the next black friday offers.
    Last year i could Not buy because was 10.- Euros more than i have in my Pocket. I decide to wait another year.
    Saturday was a live Stream with Plugin Guru and one Patch was very interesting and he did Show how to make the Mills Piano playable. Before Mills get never in my radar. Independent what i saw in the Advertisements.

    I decide to buy the Mills Just to learn from this one Patch. I have to apply again. I think for myself what a crazy procedure.
    I will survive If i do not play this patch.

    By the way i can not play Piano or keyboard. Its the Sound i am Just going for. I Hope the process going more easy.

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