How It Works - Moving LABS To A New Location




  • Justin Marcus

    I tried this exactly and it didn't work. The app seems to find the instrument I repaired (but they still does'nt work), and it doesn't see the others.

    I tried " repair all LABS" as well just in case and I also tried "Locate".

    But still no joy. The one that theApp sees still is not usable and reports errors.

    The only thing that almost worked was fresh "install" - but doing this with one LABS instrument DELETED all the others!

    As I use 2 computers, getting this to work as intended would be really helpful.

    So far I noticed in the repair process it seems to be re-downloading even though I have pointed it to the correct file location.

    I'm on Windows 7 in case that helps

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  • Peter Fulton

    Thanks for the concise tutorial! Unfortunately, my relocation didn't go this smoothly. When I moved my libraries, the app no longer recognized my instruments (the "Installed" tab is empty now). Since I'm on a tight schedule, I'll just manually delete everything and redownload for now. In the future, though, what should I do in this situation?

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  • Dave Horsey

    I'm in the process of setting up a new laptop and migrated my spitfire libraries across including the pretty extensive LABS installation I had (most of the libraries). The above approach really doesn't work as far as I can see. Having relocated...and set the location, I've so far had to go through the process of repairing each of the labs installs its spotted, and I'd note that its missed quite a few I already had installed and the only option is to install again.

    The above may work on a mac...but it doesn't on a PC.

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