What are the differences between Soft Piano and Cinematic Soft Piano?




  • Björn Fischer

    Hello Spitfire, 

    first of i love the sound you created, especially the hammer noises, but one thing is bothering me and that is the lack of velocity sensetivity! Could you please add that, with a crossfade between the dynamic layers as an option? It feels way to static as it is right now. especially a soft piano needs velocity sensitive dynamics, would be a waste of an otherwise great piano vst.

    I would programm it myself in Kontakt, but I do not have that pption in the Spitfire App.

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  • Igor Tomic

    Hi There, 

    I am trying to buy cinematic piano but whenever I click on add to cart, then go to the cart, it says it is empty. 

    I tried allowing cookies and used chrome and safari but still seems to be an issue. 

    Any guidance would be useful. Thanks

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