What is the difference between Dynamics, Vibrato and Expression?




  • Thomas Robinson

    Hi there

    Sorry, I did try and find the answer to this before asking, without success.

    I have a very simple midi controller with faders and knobs to control kontakt. Do you know how I would go about assigning faders to control expression / vibrato / dynamics for each separate Albion patch I open up.

    I can of course do each one manually but would like my controller to be able to control those areas each time a switch to a new kontakt patch.

    I’m using either logic pro x for this or ableton 9

    Thanks in advance

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  • Francois Bamiere


    In the fantastic BBC Orchestra, when I slide the expression fader from a lower (A) to a higher (B) position than a given position (C) of my dynamic fader (basically when they cross), the sound is maintained as long as expression fader does not return below that position (C). 

    Is there any logic behind this, or do I have a setup problem, or is it a bug?

    I fing it annoying to get a note unexpectedly lasting very long...

    Thank you in advance

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