How It Works - BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover



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  • J G

    Seriously guys... if you see that your recently viewed / related articles both say "Where are the user manuals?" then maybe it's time to make your interface more user-friendly and provide links to the manuals on this page. At the end of this video Luke says to check out the user manual. There's no link given and when I go to your user manuals page there's nothing for BBC SO. In fact, you have a comment from months ago that asks where the BBC SO manual is ... and it's currently unanswered. We can't find it!!!

    As with so much Spitfire, there seems to be a big emphasis on looks but not on substance. Please think of things from a user POV. A related issue is that your plug in interfaces are needlessly screen hungry. I have a 32 inch monitor and yet when I open up BBC SO in my DAW it fills almost the entire screen and does not resize in a way that is scrollable. 

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