How It Works - Loading a Non-Player Library




  • Aaron Cupples

    It would be sensible if this was included in the instructions when you buy a 'non-player library'.
    Would also be nice if it were clearer that these products will not show in your list of instruments and you have to manually navigate your forest of files to load them...

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  • Matthew O'Halloran

    ^ Agreed. A bit of a pain to load.

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  • Robert Stevenson

    ^ +1. Quite a poor show.

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  • Kate Semyonova

    Definitely a pain to load. I've found that placing the folder into the 'quickload browser' practically solves this problem as it becomes available on the main page.

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  • Marc Daems

    Oh, oh, oh... after downloading all the free libraries, you indeed arrive here where

    it is told that they won't work when you don't have the full Kontakt indeed 

    Why oh why?

    It reminds me that I had bought two apps a month ago, which, also afterwards, didn't seem to work in

    only the K-player. That was sooo disappointing. And painful (inclusive for the developer, a nice guy) to get my money back.

    There is a very irritating compatibility-problem between al lot of libraries and apps and Kontakt/Kontakt Player. Never experienced that in other players or whatever hosts.

    I suppose this is not a way to sell more to irritated costumers who finally give up and

    by the full Kontakt to be saved from all the fuss?

    If not; why? It's just a question of programming and coordination no? 

    This time Spitfire, before Sound Hub (Sound Dust).

    And all sounded great...


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