How can I stream my samples more efficiently?



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  • Lothar Urban

    At first I'd like to say thank you for the absolute amazing sounds you make available!
    I'm owning several of the Spitfire libraries but for the Hans Zimmer Piano I'd always had problem when using the sustain pedal and therefore having several hundred samples active, when releasing the sustain pedal it always ended with a harsh dropout sound. I played a lot with the host cash samples etc., tried Kontakt as standalone, Cubase, Logic Pro always with the same result (by the way I'm using a MacPro End 2013 with 32GB and an attached Raid, but also used the internal M2 'disk' for testing this problem out).
    Now a few days ago I have found a solution I'd like to share because it's the first time I did not encounter any problems - by the way it allows me to change my Cubase or Logic projects with in a few seconds instead waiting minutes for Kontakt loading all the data again I just used.
    Don't beat me for that - but I found that using the Vienna Ensemble Client/Server as host for Kontakt and your library completely fixed that problem additionally speeding up my workflow tremendously. I could absolutely understand if you will not recommend on this strategy but maybe it would be a great addition to your portfolio to offer something very similar.
    Thanks and all the best Lothar

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