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How do I Install my Spitfire Audio Product?

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Once you have purchased your product, and you have received the "download ready" email, you can download the library via our Spitfire Audio App. 

You can download the Spitfire Audio App from here.

See the below video for the install instructions process.

For a library that is for Kontakt Player, after the download, you must register it within Native Access using the provided serial number. 

How to add a Kontakt library to Native Access

Where are my Serial Numbers? 

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    Tom Hanna

    I have a problem the down loader doesn't get access to the the internet
    Hi , I just purchased the product of Haz Zimmer Strings, and i downloaded the software but it doesn't get access to the internet,

    it gives a message says Somthing wrong, are you connected to the internet?

    i dont have a firewall or anti malware, and i have high speed internet.