Why can't I find my LABS plugin files on Windows?

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If you are having difficulty finding the default plugin locations for LABS on Windows it may be worth searching your system for the file names. 


 Plugin Names

When performing a system search it's important that you get the file names correct. Below are a list of the LABS plugin file names that you'll need to identify and search for:



VST2: "LABS (32 bit).dll"

VST3: "LABS (32 bit).vst3"

AAX: "LABS (32 bit).aaxplugin"



VST2: "LABS (64 bit).dll"

VST3: "LABS (64 bit).vst3"

AAX: "LABS (64 bit).aaxplugin"


Searching on Windows

1. In Windows you'll first need to open File Explorer and then browse to your Local Disk. From here you'll note the search box on the right hand side, this is where you'll need to enter the plugin name. In the example I'll be searching for the 64 bit.dll (VST2).




2. Enter the plugin name that you are looking for in the search box. You'll see a "Working on it..." message and a progress bar. Depending on the contents of your system drive, you may need to wait a couple of minutes for this to complete.




3. Once the search is complete you'll then be able to see the specific path that the file is located.



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    Robert Wheeler

    With a half terabyte drive, searching for the wrong files can take quite a long time to produce a null result, even with an SSD drive. I discovered the hard way that the file names have extra spaces embedded in them. When I copied the file name between the quotation marks and pasted into the search field, the search was successful. Hope that helps someone in the future.

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    Tom Silvino

    I know where my installed LABS plugins are on my Win 7 PC but I can't remember where the installer is or where I downloaded it from! I can't seem to find it on the website. I wanted to reinstall the 32 bit plugin as it's not working correctly. Where can I download the LABS plugins installer from? Thanks...

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    haha haha

    what should i do if i deleted the 64 and 32 bit files and when i redownload i dont get the files back so i dont have the files...

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    chris crehan

    I received this info from Spitfire & it worked! Choose any of the packs you've installed & try the following.

    "In that case could you try a repair please? It'll re-download these.