Why can't I find my LABS plugin files on Windows?




  • Robert Wheeler

    With a half terabyte drive, searching for the wrong files can take quite a long time to produce a null result, even with an SSD drive. I discovered the hard way that the file names have extra spaces embedded in them. When I copied the file name between the quotation marks and pasted into the search field, the search was successful. Hope that helps someone in the future.

  • Tom Silvino

    I know where my installed LABS plugins are on my Win 7 PC but I can't remember where the installer is or where I downloaded it from! I can't seem to find it on the website. I wanted to reinstall the 32 bit plugin as it's not working correctly. Where can I download the LABS plugins installer from? Thanks...

  • haha haha

    what should i do if i deleted the 64 and 32 bit files and when i redownload i dont get the files back so i dont have the files...

  • chris crehan

    I received this info from Spitfire & it worked! Choose any of the packs you've installed & try the following.

    "In that case could you try a repair please? It'll re-download these.

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