How It Works - LABS

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In this series of videos, Ben & Jack take you through the install process for LABS, as well as demonstrating the functionality of the user interface. 


 How To Get LABS



 How To Use Soft Piano


 How To Use Strings


 How To Use Drums

 How To Use Amplified Cello Quartet

How To Use Electric Piano

How To Use Charango

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    Shrey Jamdar

    How to open LABS in FL STUDIO 20

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    samuel baird

    I agree, I figured how to open in FL studio 20, but in piano roll, it has no sound. I love the instruments but would like help to get it running in FL studio 20

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    Hi Samuel, I have created a support case on your behalf so an agent will be in touch shortly.

    Shrey is all working for you? It has been a while since you posted.