"Error #1 Something went wrong" in Spitfire instrument




  • Daniel Towns

    I'm hearing a lot of unwanted noise. It's especially noticeable when playing quietly or as the note tails off. I may uninstall because of this. Apart from that, I have no other issues. Reason 10 on Alienware R3 15.

  • Daniel Gloor

    Useles Librarie, nothing Work with Eric Whitacre Choir. I tried it 2 Months, now i have buy a Windows Machine, and dthe same Problems, cant use the Lybrarie! All Spitfire Kontakt Libs work fine, but this never work on both Systems. It makes me bad! Sensium

  • Ben

    Hi Daniel, sorry to hear that, I have created a ticket with our support team so that they can resolve this for you.

  • brian ramsey

    I reinstalled every thing still have message seems if you ignore it it still works as far as I can tell

  • Alin Cristian Oprea

    I get this message and kind of figured out why it does appear. I have two ethernet cards (one for internet connection) which I turn off after installing Labs for example and One for Vienna Ensemble Pro). As soon as I turn of the ethernet Card connection on Windows 10 (Cubase1o) the problem seems to appear. I had a similar product from a different developer who is also not using any license key and they explained to me that their protection system is somehow tied to the "ethernet" or "hardware" state of the computer. Maybe its the same problem here ?


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