"Error #1 Something went wrong" in Spitfire instrument




  • Elliot Woodward

    I'm also getting issues. Windows 10 Home user with Pro Tools 11. Tried multiple times to repair but and when I open it up in Pro Tools it promps me with the 'Let's fix it' popup.

  • Bart In -t Veld

    How can Labs work in Cubase, which only accepts 64-bit plugins? What version of Cubase is used in the demo video (where it does load)? And will there be a 64-bit version?

  • Kevin Harris

    OS X Sierra and Ableton Live 10. Downloaded, installed, repaired, etc. Still doesn't work. My first foray into Spitfire software: disappointing. I shouldn't have to fiddle with library paths manually.

  • Mike Mathison

    I'm on Windows 10 - but I do *not* run as an admin user.

    The installer (the Spitfire Audio app) has to run under an admin login though (as do most installers) and it is putting a file (called "Spitfire.properties") in a path for the *admin* user at:

    "[System Drive]:\Users\[Admin User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings"

    but for the plugin to see this file when it is running (in the DAW under my normal user account) the file needs to be at:

    "[System Drive]:\Users\[My User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings"

    I copied the file across - and now it works.

    I have a sordid history in software development, and I'm thinking this (the problem I was having anyway) could be a case of the 'not all users run as admin' problem?

  • Denis Shadrin

    andrei cristea - thank you, I tried your corrections, but still got path errors in Labs log in VEPro 6.
    Win 10 x64.

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 VST - no way to use this libraries.

    Cubase 9.5 VST3 - found samples and patches after corrections in Spitfire.properties.

  • Lukas Prochnow

    First of all: yes, this works. But obviously it has some problems.
    I'm no progammer either, but for the most the comment of @andrei cristea will work.

    But I had another problem which I would like to share with you, in case someone else is expecting it.
    First I installed it in my 'main VST Folder' (which led to the problem Andrei is talking about) so I re-installed it, but this time I didn't change the default directory, so I do not had to change the properties in '.../Spitfire/Settings'.
    But the download client didn't download the 'samples' for 'LABS - Strings' (samples of LABS - Piano were fine 'though) I tried to 'repair it' but this dont helped at all, so here is what I've done:
    - Deinstall the Library
    - Create or choose a Folder that's located at your desktop
    - Install the Library {into the desktop folder} (pay attention that it's installing right and it does not miss any data)
    > If you see any '.lm' or '.part' data then it propably had problems to install it -> re-install 'till it finally works <
    - Move the folders to your prefered directory
    - Make sure, the actual folder is matching with what's written in '.../Spitfire/Settings'.
    - Done!.. at least this worked for me ;)

    Finally, I want to thank Spitfire for this awesome (free) release!
    And aswell, I want to remind somebody that this is completely free - no one payed a single dime for it, so in my humble opinion, be more grate- and thankful - things go wrong and that's only human (...or mechanical? :D)


    a huge fanboy of Spitfire Audio.

  • Takahiro Eguchi

    I am in a state that only strings samples are not installed. I am enjoying softpiano, thank you for a good sound.

  • Andrew Evans

    At least it's not just me!,
    I have a number of Spitfire libraries which work fine for me but Reaper doesn't see either of the Labs instruments. I'm running on Windows 8 64 bit. I can't find the dll file which most vst's incorporate although I can see the sample pool and the instrument files. Sorry Guys, It's not happening for me;(

  • Edoardo Nicodemo

    i did it and it works...thx Spitfire!

    PS: i don't think it's right to complain about something that is given for free, my opinion!

  • Juan Mogica

    Thank u very much for the libraries, sounds very good and the interface is beautiful, so precious, I love it.

    About this repair method, I installed the libraries in a directory, then I moved it to the final destination, my Spitfire Strings folder, so I had to to the repair thing...

    Well, I think we should be able to do it without connecting to the internet, just a location prompt and ready to go...easier and friendly. Like kontakt when you move the library, asks to locate the folder and that's it...



  • Marco Iannello

    Instead of clicking Repair as suggested, I clicked on the cog next to it and selected Locate. Then, I navigated to the "Spitfire Audio - LABS" folder (the one with the Patches, Presets, and Samples subfolders), and clicked the Locate button. Problem solved

  • Elliot Woodward

    I just did what Marco Iannello did to fix the 'Let's fix it' issue where the sampler can't find the instrument.

    To reiterate; Opened up the Spitfire Audio plugin, selected the instruments, bottom right is a little cog. Hit it and locate it to where your folder is for the plugins. It should be relocated to the 'Spitfire Audio - LABS' folder. Don't specifically try and locate it to the individual patches ect. Just the whole folder.

    Boom. Samples work and they're lush. Good luck to anyone else. Heads up again to Marco Iannello! Woo!

  • Marco Iannello

    Thank you, Elliot. Unfortunately, after closing my Cubase session and re-opening it, the "Let's fix it!" dialogue presented itself again. Relocating did not work, no matter how many times I tried. Hope you had better luck, Elliot! Also, one should not need to be connected to the Internet to be able to access the Locate functionality, really, as somebody already pointed out

  • Greg Middaugh

    I CANNOT seem to get the LABS instruments to show up in DP 9. Are they not compatible with it?

  • Raul Yebra

    The solution in my case was to repair the LABS instruments installed (strings and piano) and start cubase again.
    Thanks for something awesome (and free!) to play with!

  • Najib Husein

    Try To uninstalled the app and re-install, so it works...

  • Lionel Schmitt

    This folder is empty for me. Is it supposed to be empty?

    Spitfire Audio - LABS\Patches\LABS Strings\v1.0.2

    No matter how often I reinstall it - I dont even see "samples" and "presets" folders as suggested here... all strange... strange stuff.

  • carter james

    I have the exact same problem as james russell, here's part of the log:

    (tid:000016a0) Compressed read error while loading the cache for fileID 17978
    [2 Jun 2018 13:29:42.195] (tid:000016a0) Failed to load all of the cache requested for fileID 17978
    [2 Jun 2018 13:29:42.195] (tid:000016a0) Compressed read error while loading the cache for fileID 17965
    [2 Jun 2018 13:29:42.195] (tid:000016a0) Failed to load all of the cache requested for fileID 17965
    [2 Jun 2018 13:29:42.196] (tid:000016a0) Compressed read error while loading the cache for fileID 17932
    [2 Jun 2018 13:29:42.196] (tid:000016a0) Failed to load all of the cache requested for fileID 17932

    ... and it goes on and on with loads of other fileIDs

  • Marco Iannello

    I have been assuming that the messed-up spitfire.properties file occurs in Windows only. Is anybody using a Mac experiencing any issue with this?
    I am a programmer myself, and working with folders always gives a bit of headache, based upon the programming language and editor being used. That said, one would normally assume that well-formed directory/folder paths on Windows should look something like this: E:\Audio\Spitfire Audio - LABS\Presets, that is, using the '\' as separator

  • Juan Mogica

    Hey Marco, I´m on Mac, High Sierra 10.13.5 and I'm not experiencing that issue. As I said days ago, I only had to reinstall the library via the annoying required internet connected app. I wish Spitfire find a way in the near future to do it without the on-line connection, only relocate the samples if we move the library to another location, the classic Kontakt way.

  • Marco Iannello

    At least you got it working, Juan, happy to hear that :) However, Widnows is usually a bit quirkier and requires a bit more effort. Last Thursday, Andrew Croop posted a bit of the error log file that shows how the paths start with a '/' and then continue on with a '\', instead. Unfortunately, changing the '/' to '\' gives a different error, that is, "Could not find any patch/preset to load", or something like that... I shall give it another try later, now I am just too knackered

  • Scott Mason

    I have tried everything from the Spitfire support team and everything that is mentioned here in the comments. I can not get it to work. Yes it is free and yes Spitfire are awesome but if this is how we are to receive LAB and/or other libraries, it needs to be sorted. Cheers.

  • Marco Iannello

    I finally got it to come to its senses, by means of doing a "Repair" on both the piano and the strings, pointing at the folder I initially indicated for the samples. Agree with other people saying that should work right first time, though. Also, rhe way the folder paths are typed, with mixed '/' and '\' really looks quite unorthodox to me, programmer speaking :)

  • Jorge Niny

    So we can`t install the Labs player on a PC without internet connection??

  • Marco Iannello

    Jorge, one needs to be connected to the Internet even just for changing the location of the library... very unnecessary!

  • Jorge Niny

    Unbelievable. It`s very common studios with dedicated audio comps with no internet connection at all. I don`t understand this Spitfire strategy.

  • Jesse Wade

    I didn't repair but instead hit the gear icon and did locate. This said it was successful. However, it was not. By manually replacing all the /\ portions of the path with / in the spitfire.properties file, it worked when reloaded in my DAW. This is really odd since windows paths are usually \ not / separated...

  • Marco Iannello

    Jesse, I did exactly like you, and it worked only once. Also, I am with you about how Windows paths usually are spelled. I really would love to take a look at the installer and plugin code...

  • Franck Ancelin

    The repair, if we respect the description, works very well. It's really easy to use. Thanks and good job Spitfire Team

  • Jeremiah Lyles

    I have Presonus Studio One Producer running Windows 7.
    I have the software installed but there is static during audio playback

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