My download finished but the folder contains only .lm or .part files?




  • Rob Gregory

    So how can this be corrected once we free more space on the drive? Is there a way to re-combine these after downloading rather than having to re-download them entirely?

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  • Thomas Dunkin

    Hopefully this will be helpful for some - in my case, the Spitfire App was only showing an "Install" option after downloading and installing, and the folder contained mostly .lm files. I had plenty of space, so I went to Settings > Troubleshooting > Show log file and at the bottom it showed that the path character limit of 260 characters had been exceeded. Rather than redownloading the library in a new location, you can move the previously downloaded folder up in the hierarchy, then select "Install" and choose this location (or technically the folder that contains it) - it should start right back up unzipping/unpacking, or merging as they call it.

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