My download finished but the folder contains only .lm or .part files?

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If your download is unable to unzip after downloading you might find that the library folder contains only .lm or .part files. This is often caused the following: 


  • The space available on the drive during install was not twice the size of the library. For example Albion One is 55.7 GB so you need at least 111.4 GB available during the install. 


  • Your disk is formatted to FAT32. 


These scenarios are visible in the finder/file browser. You will see the folder is full of part files, for example 123456.lm or 123456.part.

If you drive is formatted to FAT32, please reformat it to be either NTFS (Windows) or Mac OS Extended (Journaled) (MAC)  


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    Rob Gregory

    So how can this be corrected once we free more space on the drive? Is there a way to re-combine these after downloading rather than having to re-download them entirely?