Native Access: Internal error during activation

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Very rarely when activating a player library with Native Access on a Mac you might encounter the following error:


This error appears if one specific folder does not have enough (or defective) permissions. To resolve this issue your user account will need Administrator privileges and then you should do the following:

Navigate to - Macintosh HD - Users (press CMD + i) - Shared (press CMD + i) - Native Instruments (press CMD + i - Native Access (press CMD + i) - ras3 (press CMD + i)

Doing this should show the following:
For each folder you should make sure that your user account has permission to Read & Write for these folders, either by setting your account to this state or by changing everyone to this state. It may also be the case that you need to change the permissions of the .jwt files inside the "ras3" folder to "Read & Write" as well.

You can change this setting by clicking on the padlock in the bottom right of the window and entering your admin password when prompted, in this screenshot seniorcustomersupportrep is the user and is set correctly to Read & Write. If you are unsure of which user name is yours it should display (me) next to the name also. 


Once you change these settings you should be able to finish installing successfully. If not please contact us at 

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