Can I download on a PC, then transfer to a Mac or vice versa?

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All of our libraries are compatible on both PC and Mac computers and the majority run inside Kontakt. 

You can download our Kontakt based libraries on either PC or Mac and they will work if you need to transfer them across to the other operating system.

We advise to do this via copying whichever library you want to move across to an external HDD, and then copying it to your other machine. 

Our standalone plugins, like Phobos and Hans Zimmer Strings can be copied from one computer to another but the installation process must be finished using the Spitfire Audio App, see here for further details.

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    Tonny Kurniadi

    I use my MacBook for live performance using MainStage and use Windows 10 PC for scoring. SSD space is low on my MacBook. If I install Albion One on the PC, would I then be able to pick and choose a "subset" of Albion One to install on my MacBook? Or will the installation always require a full install? Specifically, I only need a selection of strings and brass for live performance. I haven't purchased Albion One yet. Thank you....

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