How do I update my products?

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To update a product, open the Spitfire Audio App and choose the library you wish to update.
The main premise of downloading our products is that our App downloads into the folder you choose, so choose the folder above where the original library is located. 
The best file path for our products is something very simple, a long file path will cause errors as there is a character limit. 
We advise a file path of something along the lines of:
Samples Drive > Spitfire Audio - always point the downloader to the folder 'Spitfire Audio' (or the folder above) for all downloads and updates. 
When it comes to downloading/updating - if you have a folder called 'Spitfire Audio' always point to the folder Spitfire Audio - don't go into this folder and choose the actual library in question. 
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    Michael Lockwood

    Hi, I have not used my BML Sable Strings or plucked piano in ages. I upgraded to the Spitfire APP and have Kontact. I can not get them to load up. I have read all the things I can find online but still no avail. I am using Logic Pro on a Mac. Any words of wisdom. Thank you!

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    Michael, this will need one of our support team to look and and resolve. I have created a ticket for you on your behalf.