How do I update my products?




  • Frank van Wanrooij

    When it comes to downloading/updating - if you have a folder called 'Spitfire Audio' always point the library manager to the folder Spitfire Audio - never go into this folder and choose the actual library in question.

    this is not clear to me: ...always ... point to the folder SPITFIRE AUDIO - never go into this folder ...

  • Fleau Damien

    i have download my new Spitfire solo strings, but I don't know how to put it in my Kontakt.
    I put the files with the rest of my plugin bibliothèque, but I can't open it.
    Can you help me please ?
    thank you

  • Ben

    Hi Damien, you'll need the full version of Kontakt and you locate the library by going to the "files" menu in Kontakt and either double-clicking or dragging in the .nki file.


  • Tore Thomassen

    Hi, one question. I downloaded the update for Albion Tundra. I downloaded it into a folde i called "Spitfire Update" In Library manager Spitfire Albion Tundra says "installed", but how do i know that it is really installed? I contains folders like "instruments" ect in the map i called "spitfire Update" Should i have pointed the update to the folder of the orignal downloaded Library?

  • Ben

    Hi Tore,

    Yes, it needs to be pointed at the folder of the originally downloaded library. Not to worry though, you can "reset download" and download the update again.

  • Tor Egil Braseth

    I just updated the Albion One library, but Kontakt can´t find the samples. Now you can´t even uninstall a library with Native Access or remove them in Kontakt as before. I´ve tried deleting the prefs file for Albion One and restarted, but no success. Any tips? And am I the only one that thinks badly about Native Access? It´s useless for uninstalling and relocating content..

  • Ben

    Tor, I've created a ticket for you. This sounds like an issue for our support team.

  • Timothy Hare

    I am having similar issues to Tor. I can't figure out how to get Native Access and Spitfire Updates to talk to each other for any product updates and I also updated Albion ONE this morning and Native Access doesn't allow me to update the product

  • Ross Baillie-Eames

    Hi guys. I'm having the same problem as Tor, too. I've updated to the new version of Albion One and I can still access the older library in Kontakt, but I can't find the newer update anywhere.

  • Ben

    Hi all, this problem is usually the result of the update having been downloaded to somewhere other than the location of your original Spitfire Albion ONE Library folder. There may be other factors however, so I have created a support ticket from each of your comments above so that one of my agents can get back to you.

  • Tor Egil Braseth

    Ok, my problems were remedied by downloading the whole library and completely reinstalling it. Everything is fine now.

  • Yann Latour

    Hi there!! Feeling kinda dumb here but did the Albion one V1.5 update but don't see it in my Kontakt player library. Native access shows Albion One 1.0.0 installed and Spitfire Audio Library Manager shows Albion One (1.5b12) Installed.

  • Yann Latour

    Never mind my previous post! Got it done. Thanks!

  • Svavar Traustason

    i purchased Scandi on the 22nd of december
    i wanted to ask if there are Olafur arnalds evolutions updates fir those who recently bought scandi?

  • Ben

    Hi Svavar, We have recently updated the Scandi collection to include our new library - Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions. In order to get this library, you can add the Scandi collection to your cart on our site again and you'll get 40% off the regular retail price of the new library.

  • Michael Holloway

    Yann Latour -- mind explaining how you solved this?? I have the exact same problem, but no idea how to fix it. Albion ONE loads the old files in Kontakt, Native Access says version 1.0 (?!) is installed, but I 'updated' with the Spitfire downloader, *it* says I have version 1.5 installed....what the heck is going on here? and before Ben suggests I downloaded to the wrong folder, nope, I followed the instructions EXACTLY (pointing to the folder that holds the Albion ONE folder, not the Albion ONE folder itself). I can't use 1.5, despite the downloader saying it's installed... so what do I do now??

  • Ben

    Hi Michael, the best approach here is for us to have a look at your system. If you go to you can start a chat session (as long as it's within our working hours) or "submit a request".


  • Michael Holloway

    Ok. I'll submit a request. Gotta admit I'm very frustrated with Native Access.

  • Timothy Hare

    Hey Michael, I had a similar issue and Native Access isn’t the problem or solution I found. It works for new products, but not updates. When you download an update you need to drag the new NKI files into the pre-existing folder and make sure you don’t mess with your folder hierarchy. I would do a session with the spitfire support team as they got me sorted prettt quickly and I was able to make the fix with my updated Spitfire Brass library on my own

  • Stan Seymour

    I have a question: I just purchased the Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings library yesterday. I am downloading it now (almost done). I spoke via the chat feature with a member of your support team to inquire and confirm as to whether the performance legato update to this library was already included, and I was informed that it is. I just noticed that the library is listed in my Library Manager as "Chamber Strings - Base Library." Should I be alarmed? It is still downloading, so I have not opened the library yet. Thanks!

  • Stan Seymour

    Sorry--the library has fully installed and I see that performance legatos are there. Many thanks; kindly disregard my previous question. Thanks again!

  • Daniel Cambridge

    Hi, how can I tell what the latest version of my library is? I can't see an 'Update' button in the latest Spitfire Audio app. But, I also don't see a version in my Kontakt folder or on the website. I just want to be certain.


  • Sandy

    Hi Daniel

    Depending on the library, version numbers are displayed in the bottom right of the plugin/instrument window. If you're unsure, there is no harm in re-downloading the most recent update which you can do by following these instructions


  • Geraint Connors

    Hi there, I have the same problem as others on here I’m afraid. I have no idea how to fix it. Chamber strings loads the old files in Kontakt, Native Access says version 1.0 but the version in the spitfire app says it’s the latest?

  • jeremy muir

    Hi - where is the Spitfire Audio App? is it a download?

  • Ben

    Hi Jeremy, you can find it here:

  • jeremy muir

    Thanks Ben - got it now.

  • Alexandre Beneteau


    My DAW is absolutely offline (and will remain as long as possible!!!), how do I manage to update the old way? (I just want to download the relevant files and to do the update by hand... like the oooooold geek I am...)

    Edit: Don't bother, I figured it out... but I am not confortable with the idea I have to use workarounds instead of having a real option supported by the software... Feeling like being cornered ;-)

  • Brian Ellefson

    Ya, I keep my DAW workstation air-gapped at all times. So do a couple of my friends, and I imagine many others, too. I download files to a Linux trashtop, then transfer to DAW system via thumb drive, then virus scan. No security worries and no CPU overhead with virus or other security software running along with DAW. If a product or plug-in can't be loaded this way, we don't download or purchase, period.

  • Jason Hall

    What's in the LABS Soft Piano LABS Strings updates? Will updating it affect any of my old songs I've recorded using them? Thanks.

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