How do I redownload the latest update?




  • Christopher Koch

    Hi guys,

    I need to re-download my Albion One Library again for my new laptop. I had downloaded
    the update by mistake instead of entire library last week. Could you please reset. Thanks!

    Chris Koch

  • Ben

    Chris, this is done for you. I'll also reply to your support ticket.

  • Kaspar Kaae

    Hi guys. It might be me that is missing something, but I cannot seem to find my chamber strings in the library manager. I want to get them downloaded for my laptop. Can you help me too? Best

  • Ben

    Hi Kasper, just make sure you are logging into the Library Manager using the same email address that you used to place the order (it was a gmail address). I have reset the download for you so you should be able to download again.

  • Kaspar Kaae

    Thank you Ben. It is working now and downloading. Thanks

  • dan rudin

    Where so I find the latest Library Manager? I have and need to re-download my Harp library (disk crash)

  • dan rudin

    never mind ;-0

  • Jean Philippe Serres

    Hi, i have an old version of albion ( V4, around 2014 ), i've download the last update of my albion I ( about 43 mo ), where do i need to place the directory ? i tried to import this updated directory via Kontact but it says the dialogue box open to say sample is missing etc
    thx for your help

  • Ben

    Hi Jean, it shouldn't matter where you place the library as long as it's on a properly formatted accessible drive. It may be that you just need to use "browse for folder" in the Content Missing dialogue box, then save the instrument. It's possible your issue is more complicated however, so I've created a ticket in our support system from your comment above. One of our support agents will get back to you.

  • Allan Keen


    The new Audio Labs download appears to default to the C drive. I tried to move them to my separate VST drive (H) and the files stayed on C. My C drive is a small SSD for my Windows OS only. Can the new download app have a user default setting of selecting where downloads and installs go?

  • Kim Woonjin

    How many time redownload possible? and
    Moving library and relocated in kontakt, is it done?, safe? I wonder..Because I redownload already 4time...I just wanted moving library.ㅠㅜ

  • Tom Pigott-Smith

    I ordered a hard drive with Woodwinds on. All arrived fine but my 3 year old has decided to wreck it before I installed it. The instrument is installed and authorized but I need the samples. Is it possible to get a download link to this rather than another hard drive please? Time is of the essence with a last minute deadline. Thanks. Tom

  • Ben

    Hi Tom, you can open the Spitfire Audio app, locate the product, click the cog and select "reset download" in order to make it available for download.

  • Joe Maron

    I just had an SSD malfunction, and some of my NKX files are corrupt, is there an option to only download certain files? I'd hate to re-download the three libraries I'm having trouble with (BHCT, Tundra and Orchestral Swarm), Thanks, Joe.

  • Ben

    Hi Joe, if you contact our support team (submit a request at they can send you specific files if you need them.


    I tried many times to Update my ICENY library to the latest version but unfortunately
    there is no way to do that. The download stay to 0 bytes for hours!!! I did everything you described above but no luck!!! Please do something !!!

  • Ben

    Kon, I've created a support ticket on your behalf. Someone will get back to you shortly.

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