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Do you accept PayPal?

Last updated:

Yes, we do! You will be able to choose PayPal as a payment method from the check out page on our website!

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    Michael Winkler

    Hi Spitfireaudio,
    I just want to mention: it's cool that you accept Paypal now! I know you didn't for a long period, right?
    All the best,

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    Yes that's right Michael, we're glad to bring it back!

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    Hi guys, I tried to pay with PayPal but is not working!!

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    Hi Carlos, yes we had a small technical issue, we should be turning it back on again today.

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    Miriam Cutler

    Hi - Been trying to pay with paypal all day...not working. checked with them, they said the message: URL Redirect is not working" is website specific and that you should call them...

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    Can Arman

    Hello, the same Issue like Miriam Cutler has. What could be a solution?

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    Hi Miriam and Can, at present our team are working with PayPal to resolve this issue I have created support tickets for you both and we will update you shortly.