Can I install on more than one computer?




  • Erik G

    What about BT Phobos? Should I just do the same thing?

  • Ben

    Hi Erik, with Phobos, the best approach is to download the whole library again from the library manager. Just select the library in the library manager and choose "reset download" from the library menu.

  • Paolo Tramannoni

    What if I migrate to a new Mac, and either use a clone utility or Apple Migration Assistant to move my main drive to the new drive? Will my license for the old computer also be transferred to the new one? Or should I deactivate it in some way before upgrading to the new system?

  • Ben

    Paolo, with our Kontakt libraries, you just need to make sure you log into Native Instrument's Native Access using the same account as you used to register the library.

  • Howard Howes

    I have copied the spitfire library to my laptop and installed spitfire audio app. When I start Logic a window says install plug in. How do i do this please ?

  • Henry Kresse

    I have a question:
    My old Mac is going to retire. And I have to reinstall the Hans Zimmer Lib. on my new PC (Windows). I already prepared en external HDD. But I also want to install it on my Laptop. How do I return the License from my Mac?

  • Ben

    Hi Henry,
    No need to "uninstall" on your old mac, you just need to follow these instructions to install on your new Mac:

    The article above deals with moving the library around on the same computer but the process is the same for moving to a different computer.

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