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Difficulties in downloading

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Customers may find that they have some difficulties in the downloading process. 

If you find that you are having some trouble, please check the list below for possible causes. 

  • The formatting of your drive, if it is FAT32 this will cause errors. For Mac, we would recommend Mac OS Extended. For PC, you can use NTFS.
  • Free space on your hard drive. Please allow at least double the space than the library will ultimately take up when downloading.

For the above, changing the formatting of your drive, ensuring you have enough space and then attempting a redownload of the library will help. By going HERE you can find out how to redownload.

Other issues:

  • Download interrupted message may be caused by a change in IP, usually the case with people using a VPN. 
  • Not using a VPN and there is a continuous download interrupted error message

For these two issues, please contact us HERE and include as much detail as you can.

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  • Avatar
    eliot krimsky

    I have tried all of these ways and it is still crashing on me. This is for a time sensitive project. Please help!

  • Avatar

    Eliot, I have created a ticket in our support system so that an agent can help you out.

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    Adam Wendorf

    I've purchased, and successfully downloaded a Composer Toolkit by Olafur Arnalds... I'm for some reason unable to add it to my library in kontakt :S? Help asap please.

  • Avatar

    Adam, I can see that you've already created a ticket in our support system. One of our agents will get back to you.

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    Julia Lesnichy

    I just bought Albion One and started downloading it but it ate up to 50% of my monthly allowance within an hour. I am leaving it overnight with additional overnight allowance, but if I am unable to download it can I have a refund please? If I knew I had such problems I would have never purchased it.

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    I've created a ticket so that you can discuss this with our support team.