Can I try/demo your products before I buy?




  • Michal Petr

    Hello . My name is Michal Petr and I am from Czech Republic. I am young music "composer" . Im looking for a some VST ORCHESTRAL and you have Albion one, I saw some text about discount - 30%. How with that? Could you please give me this discount? :) Have a nice day my e.mail is a

  • Ben

    Hi Michal. The 30% discount you have heard about is probably our Educational discount, you can read about it here:

  • césar lima

    I bought a Lab pluguins and I don't see a serial number for registrtion in the Native Access. How I pick up this numbers? Thanks

  • Ben

    Hi César, Labs products do not come with serial numbers, you will need a copy of Kontakt Full and to access the instrument via the "files" menu. If you have further questions, please use the "submit a request" link at

  • Brad Taylor

    Hi there I was wondering if I purchase Albion One before Black Weekend and it goes on sale, could I redeeem the Black weekend price?


  • Ben

    Hi Brad, you'd have to buy Albion ONE during the Black Friday sale in order to get the price we're offering during that sale.

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