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  • Marc De Schryver

    Hello, first I'd like to congratulate you on your fantastc products. My favorite one is my Alion One library that I generally use whenever I can. Now, coming to my question. I just bought and downloaded the Union chapel organ library, only to discover that I can't add it as library in Kontakt. I have other libraries that work the same way but I don't understand why you or the other library makers don't build it as a proper library. Is there extra costs involved towards NI perhaps?

  • Ben

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the question. Yes there is essentially a licensing fee that we pay to Native Instruments on the customer's behalf in order that the library can be used in the Kontakt Player and by extension added as a library.


  • Daniel Schwartz

    not necessarily a missing library but after install and verification with serial number the spitfire Albion tab is there in Kontakt 5 but when you click on browse nothing opens. Im guessing there is a folder misplaced... any thoughts?

  • Daniel Schwartz

  • Ben

    Yes, it certainly looks like a misplaced folder, if you look in your Spitfire Albion ONE Library folder, it should look a bit like this:

  • Daniel Schwartz

    where should all of that live? documents?

  • Ben

    Daniel, you should store it all on the fastest drive you can, ideally an external SSD but failing that a external 7200rpm mechanical drive. It'll even work on your system drive (it doesn't matter where, documents is fine) but that's not optimal because your system drive is busy doing other things.

  • Michael Connor

    Hello wonderful Spitfire Audio people!
    Love your products! Just upgraded to Albion ONE and am in love!
    I purchased the soft piano instrument, and followed the instructions, but in Kontakt 5 when I click Add Library -> Spitfire Labs - Soft Piano -> Choose, it comes up "No library found". I can double click the .nki file and it opens in Kontakt 5, but not being able to add the library means I can't use it within Logic. Any suggestions?

  • Ben

    Hi Michael, this is a non-Player Library, will only work in the FULL version of Kontakt and needs to be accessed via the "files" menu.

  • Michael Connor

    Hi Ben, thanks for the reply. I had a chat with Sandy and he talked me through the Files menu. However, Soft Piano is now "Demo timeout" and that I have to activate Kontakt 5 to lift the restrictions. So do I need to purchase Kontakt 5 to use the piano? (My other Spitfire libraries are working fine in Kontakt 5 Player)

  • Ben

    Hi Michael, yes, you'll need the full version of Kontakt to use that library. You will be able to take advantage of the discount that Kontakt offer for people that own our player libraries, details here:

  • Jean-Marc Le Doux

    Hey guys, so I wanted to add my Felt Piano to Kontakt Komplete, but it's saying it's no bueno "not directly compatible" what gives? Thanks!

  • John Hansen

    I ordered the Albion Collection recently which is amazing.
    Everything was installed through Native Access using the provided serial numbers. When I open Kontakt, I can see all of the Albion Volumes there in the catalog of libraries. However, when I am using Komplete Kontrol, only Albion I and V are visible... I can't seem to find or access the other ones using Kontrol.

    I also just purchased the Enigma 1 and 2 products but haven't been able to install them into Kontakt. I've added their file path to the database list in Kontakt but they still don't show up in the catalog of libraries.
    Please help. Thank you.

  • Pekka Kuronen

    I cannot use any new Spitfire products with my new DAW's Kontakt 5. I try as you directed, to access the instruments via files but all I get is "This instrument belongs to a library that is currently not installed". For example Hans Zimmer piano that I never even got to try because of this. How to install Spitfire full libraries to Kontakt 5? They are not visible in Native Access nor would I like to redownload terabytes of software.

    Edit: I tried locating serial numbers for Native Access but the new libraries do not have such. Are we still to use Spitfire library manager?

  • Tom Vandermarliere

    @Pekka Kuronen :
    their customer support has been upgraded a lot since the 1st post was made here in this topic. Try a chat session with one of their customer support guys. Not saying it all works perfect now, but at least they give some form of support now (and god knows it was quite different in the past)...

  • Pekka Kuronen

    I finally got it after locating old emails with serials in them that I had missed. Kontakt accepted the serials and even did not want to re-download the products so everything turned out perfect. Thanks.

  • Richard Wiegand

    Hi, I installed 5 Spitfire plugins today and was successful with 3 of them. The two that are causing some difficulties are the Sacconi Strings and the Spitfire Harp Library (these are the ones without the serial numbers). These 2 do not appear in the NI installed libraries directory after installation (and after you click on Manage Libraries in Kontakt) and so I followed the thread above which suggested hunting these 2 programs down under the Files directory. I managed to find them but it's quite a pain to find the right instrument files in the File directory. I much prefer the typical Library drop down list of instruments. Any way to fix this? Thanks, Richard Wiegand

  • Ben

    Hi Richard, there's no way to "fix" this as it's very much part of how those libraries work. You can however access the instruments using the "quickload" feature in Kontakt. Here's a handy guide:

  • holly han

    I am trying to load the Albion ONE onto Kontact but it keeps popping up with the missing samples content box. I have tried batch re-saving numerous times but it has still been unsucessful. I have spoken to another customer service assistant and have verified that all samples are in the designated samples folder but we're still unable to locate the samples to get Kontact to recognise.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

  • Ocran Solano


    I purchased Albion ONE a couple of weeks ago and cannot get it to work. The library has installed successfully and I can see in the spitfire app. I downloaded Native Access and registered the library using its serial number, selecting the library folder, and so on. The library is visible on Native Access (without the artwork thumbnail) but does not show on Kontakt. Kontakt 5 is no longer available, so I downloaded the latest version of Kontakt 6.

    I've been writing back and forth with Native Instruments trying to find a solution but so far all the advice I've received does not help my case. I've gone as far as uninstalling the library from Native Access and reinstalling it with its serial number, and I've even moved the library around to specific locations but nothing seems to work. I would I appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you

  • Ben

    Ocran, I'm sure our support team will be able top find a solution for you so I've created a support ticket from your comment.

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