Can I create my own custom bundle?




  • jessica tuck

    Hi- I'm going to be purchasing 3 copies each of the following software- is the list price the best deal you can give me on this or can you offer some kind of discount? Thank you.

    Albion 1 $449

    Albion 3 $449

    Albion 4 $449

    Trailer Giant- $389

    Jessica Tuck/Showtime Networks Inc/ 212-708-1707/

  • Ben

    Jessica, I've created a ticket for you, one of our agents will get back to you.

  • Kev Matthews

    I would like to buy your whole collection. Can you offer me discount on the lot?
    How much would this cost?
    What size would it be?

  • Ben

    Hi Kev, we have an "Everything" collection - this is everything that we have ever produced and comes with a huge discount on the cost of the included products. It is a little over 2TB in size, so downloading it would take some time (though of course you can download what you want when you want it). The option that most of our "Everything" customers take is to have it delivered to them on a hard drive. Here is a link to the product page for the "Everything" collection: Please contact us by chat, phone or support ticket if you have any questions.

  • Cyril Codogno

    Hello. I really like your sound. Il wanted to buy Albion one and Hans Zimmer strings (no available now). Will you have a bundle with Hans zimmer strings ? Maybe a bundle Hans Zimmer...

  • Rob Fulton

    Hey Ben, i'm having an incredibly difficult time buying from Spitfire. I've been trying to buy the everything bundle, and make a ticket, but I've been met with difficult solutions to a simple problem since last month. I want to give you over $11,000 for the everything bundle and have been trying to work out a way to pay with a credit card - I have a 10k limit on my card and I need to use two forms of payment, but I was told I have to send a bank wire, but If I had a credit card with a limit of $12,o00 I could order it online with a credit card. Is the shopping cart you use not able to make this happen? I am putting it on a credit card since you don't offer a 3 or 5 pay option for this thing, I am putting on a credit card so I can pay it off over the next 6 months. Would you PLEASE help me? Luke has not been able to at this point, and I feel like he's not empathetic to this situation. Thank you Ben!

  • Ben

    Hi Rob, Luke and I have talked about this today and we think we've come up with a solution for you. Luke will be responding in your ticket today.

  • Filippo Berti

    one question.. I bought Albion 1, if at some point I decide to buy all albions, do you offer the possibility to upgrade from 1 Albion to the all albions bundle? and maybe in the future from all albions to the everything bundle? many thanks!

  • Ben

    Filippo, you get a proportional discount when you "complete" a collection. So if a collection represents a 30% discount off the individual items, then if you already own one of the items, you would only get 30% off the remaining items.

    I hope that makes sense.


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