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My discount code is not working?

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Our policy in general is that two discount schemes cannot be used at the same time.

Discount codes cannot be used on products that are in their 'promotional price' period, or are on sale for any reason. Discount codes also cannot be used on Collections. 

You may find that using your discount code on all the products in a collection affords you a greater discount than buying the collection, but the difference will be minor.

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    Luka Lebanidze

    Dear Spitfire team,
    "two discount schemes cannot be used at the same time." does that mean that I can not use discount code +educational discount?

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    Yes that's correct, you can only use one discount code at a time I'm afraid!

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    Lars-Eric Brossner

    I get a message that my discount code is invalid
    I don´t understand why

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    William Matty

    Hey there Spitfire - OK so I understand I can only use one discount code at a time. And am I correct that I cannot use my student discount while a sale is on but then I can use it after the sale is over?

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    Hi William, you can use your educational discount while the sale is on if you like, you just can't use two discount codes on the same purchase.

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    Rod Van Dorn

    Hello from Canada,
    I have a an educational discount code but keep getting an expiration message. Thanks,

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    Rod, I have created a ticket in our support system so that one of our agents can help you.