My Cimbalom library has 'Samples Missing' message




  • herve poissonnier

    I bought Cimbalon (it's great by the way) but I can't add it to the Kontakt's library like any other library (just installing thru native access and it's done) but not yours. each time I have to use the tools of kontakt to manually load the cimbalon library.. And it will never show on the left part of Kontakt where my others libraries are.. I can move the whole folder in the same as my other libraries are but Kontakt still not show it.
    And of course, I have the full Kontakt version.. Did I miss something? As I want to buy the Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolution, I wish to solve this issue before.
    thanks for your answer

  • Ben

    Hi Herve, Cimbalom is a "non-player" library so it needs to be accessed using the "files" menu in Kontakt. Symphonic Strings Evolutions on the other hand is a "player" library and can be added to the left hand side of Kontakt.

  • Richard Cottle

    i have cimbalom and it works ok on my studio mac, now need it for gig on laptop ,so have installed from the app but it only seems to put the samples on the laptop and cant see any instruments files .nki etc.

  • Alby Potts

    The batch resave method did not work on my cimbalon. I get the "content missing" error message as part of the batch resave process, same as when I try to load the instrument in Kontakt 6.1. This is after burning another reset with a fresh install.

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