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My Cimbalom library has 'Samples Missing' message

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If you have recently bought and downloaded our Grand Cimbalom library, to find that it cannot find any of the samples don't panic! 

To get around this you'll need to perform a batch re-save on the Grand Cimbalom library, here is a handy youtube video showing the process.

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    herve poissonnier

    I bought Cimbalon (it's great by the way) but I can't add it to the Kontakt's library like any other library (just installing thru native access and it's done) but not yours. each time I have to use the tools of kontakt to manually load the cimbalon library.. And it will never show on the left part of Kontakt where my others libraries are.. I can move the whole folder in the same as my other libraries are but Kontakt still not show it.
    And of course, I have the full Kontakt version.. Did I miss something? As I want to buy the Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolution, I wish to solve this issue before.
    thanks for your answer

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    Hi Herve, Cimbalom is a "non-player" library so it needs to be accessed using the "files" menu in Kontakt. Symphonic Strings Evolutions on the other hand is a "player" library and can be added to the left hand side of Kontakt.