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What is VAT and why am I being charged this?

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VAT is the tax that is added onto a purchase for EU customers.
If you have an EU VAT number, you can enter it on the cart page here: 
If you have been charged VAT and would like a refund, please contact us at
Here is a break down of who is charged VAT and the tax percentage:
  • UK customers must pay VAT and claim it back from HMRC if they are VAT registered.
  • EU customers WITHOUT VAT number: Pay VAT at their LOCAL rate (as per the table HERE) i.e. it changes on a country by country basis. Prior to Jan 1st 2015 EU customers were charged VAT at the UK rate.
  • EU customers WITH VAT number: As long as their number is valid, they DO NOT have to pay any VAT.
  • Outside the EU: No VAT is charged.
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  • Avatar
    Dorian Broekhuyse

    I have a VAT number but when I try to order I keep seeing the price including VAT

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    Dorian, I've created a ticket on your behalf so one of our agents can help you out.

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    Lorenzo Schoovaerts

    Same here, there is no option to enter the VAT number so it keeps charged. THis is holding me back guys...

  • Avatar

    Hi Lorenzo, you can add the VAT number by clicking on "Got an EU VAT number?" on the cart page. I have edited the article above with a screenshot to make it clearer.

    If you have been charged VAT and would like us to refund it, please contact us at with your order number and VAT number and we will refund the VAT you have been charged.