What is VAT and why am I being charged this?




  • Dorian Broekhuyse

    I have a VAT number but when I try to order I keep seeing the price including VAT

  • Ben

    Dorian, I've created a ticket on your behalf so one of our agents can help you out.

  • Lorenzo Schoovaerts

    Same here, there is no option to enter the VAT number so it keeps charged. THis is holding me back guys...

  • Ben

    Hi Lorenzo, you can add the VAT number by clicking on "Got an EU VAT number?" on the cart page. I have edited the article above with a screenshot to make it clearer.

    If you have been charged VAT and would like us to refund it, please contact us at spitfireaudio.com/suppport with your order number and VAT number and we will refund the VAT you have been charged.


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