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What is VAT and why am I being charged this?

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VAT is the tax that is added onto a purchase for EU customers. 
Here is a break down of who is charged VAT and the tax percentage:
  • UK customers WITHOUT VAT number: Pay 20% UK rate of VAT
  • UK Customer WITH VAT number: Also pay 20% of VAT (and must reclaim through their VAT return as normal)
  • EU customers WITHOUT VAT number: Pay VAT at their LOCAL rate (as per the table HERE) i.e. it changes on a country by country basis. Prior to Jan 1st 2015 EU customers were charged VAT at the UK rate.
  • EU customers WITH VAT number: As long as their number is valid, they DO NOT have to pay any VAT, as before.
  • Outside the EU: No VAT is charged.
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  • Avatar
    Dorian Broekhuyse

    I have a VAT number but when I try to order I keep seeing the price including VAT

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    Dorian, I've created a ticket on your behalf so one of our agents can help you out.

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    Lorenzo Schoovaerts

    Same here, there is no option to enter the VAT number so it keeps charged. THis is holding me back guys...