How Can I Redownload a Product?




  • Pierre Marchand

    I am trying to download the HZ percussion library , first it froze at 33% and I could never go beyond this, so I deleted the partial download to start fresh, now it stays at 0% and doesn't download anything.
    I've tried (reset Download)
    Audio library manager keeps crashing.
    Thank you Pierre Marchand

  • Ben

    Pierre, I've created a ticket from your comment so one of our technicians can help.

  • Moritz Freise

    Good Morning, because i thought "Albion ONE" would replace "Albion - VOLUME I"
    i erased the whole VOLUME I... *unfortunately i was wrong*
    Please be so kind and let me download the entire VOLUME I content ( was not able to do it via the Spitfire Audio Library Manager )

    Best Regards


  • Ben

    Moritz, I've created a ticket from your comment so that we can help

  • Dan Goodchild

    Have been trying to download products and keep hitting a wall after a little while. A few gigs? Have been attempting to download Albion One and the speed drops down to less than 100kbs. Yes Kbs! It has basically stopped at 12.4 GB and just trickles in after that. HELP!!!

  • Ben

    Hi Dan, there's a couple of things here - firstly, make sure you have the latest version of the Library Manager from here: and secondly, you can quit and restart the Library Manager, the download can be restarted and often this is all that is needed to get things going again. I have also created a ticket for you in case this doesn't work, so one of our agents will get back to you as well.

  • Christian Zimmermann

    I have the update of Albion ONE installed and since then Kontakt no longer finds sound. The installation path is correct, everything is there but I can not load anything. I have overwritten the Udate with the existing Albion version, is that the error? In the Spitfire Audio Library Manager, however, I only find the upate that I have already reinstalled several times. how can I reinstall the previous version of Albion?
    Thank you and best regards Christian

  • Ben

    Hi Christian, you can reset the download and install again by selecting the library and choosing "reset download" from the library menu. If you have any trouble, please contact us at

  • Stephen MacLachlan

    Is there a way to upgrade from Albion Volume 1 to Albion One?

  • Ben

    Hi Stephen, yes, if you own Albion 1 and put Albion ONE in your cart, you should see a discount automatically applied.

  • Wayne Lim

    I've tried to redownload / reauthorize my latest Hans Zimmer Strings Library, both which gets stuck at 0% progress, I've ensured my internet is running at high speed, but the Spitfire download is not progressing. please help!

  • Ben

    Wayne, I've created a ticket for you in our support system so our agents will get back to you to help.

  • Ash Behts

    I am trying to download the HZ, One and Legria library. first it was downloading and I decided to change my computer due to disk space issue. So I deleted and installed the library manager on the new MacBook Pro and it stays at 0% and doesn't download anything.
    I've tried (reset Download)
    Audio library manager keeps crashing.
    Thank you

  • Ben

    Ash, I see you have a support ticket open, our support agents will help you get going

  • Paul Ilea

    hello, can you please tell me how can i dowload my Orchestral Swarm on my secondary computer?Is this possible?Thanks

  • Ben

    Hi Paul, the easiest thing to do is to transfer the library contents over to the second computer on an external drive, however, if you open the Spitfire Audio App on the second computer, you can click on the library in question and then use the small "cog" icon in the bottom right to reset the library and allow you to download it a second time.

  • Richard Emmet

    When you reset an entire library, does it include the latest update? Or do you have to do that separately?

  • Ben

    It does include the latest update Richard.

  • Matt Rudduck

    I'm trying to re-download Albion One due to a vital mistake on my behalf, however... When I open the 'Library Manager', I select the Albion One library and cannot see any 'Cog' button or anything other than the library itself which says 'Installed' next to it...

    Where or how do I get to the 'Cog' menu..?? There's no options or other links for it ANYWHERE on my version...

  • Ben

    Hi Matt, those instructions relate to the latest version of the Spitfire Audio App and the cog menu is in the bottom right hand corner when you click on a library to open it. I would advise using the latest version from here but if you'd rather use the older version, you will find the option to reset under the "library" menu. If you're still having trouble, please contact our support team at

  • Terry Donovan

    Hi .. just a quick query. I recently bought the Solo Strings and used the App to install - no problem, everything works great. But while in the app I noticed that two of my already installed (pre App) libraries - Albion One and Bernard Herrmann have the 'INSTALL' button active. Again, I have no problem with either libraries, but should I re-install them anyway using the app or does it make any difference - ie for upgrades etc

  • Alan Hampton

    My computer died and I had to buy a new one. I'm not able to uninstall my spitfire libraries from my dead computer, and I think that's why i'm not able to reinstall them onto my new computer. Is this because the licenses are used up on the old dead computer? How do I fix this?

  • Ben

    Hi Alan, you don't actually need to "uninstall" from the previous computer, just follow the instructions above on the new one.

  • Roberto Malpica

    None of my Spitfire LABS instruments work on my computer, I can't use them at all and they crash my DAW, I already reinstalled them but they're still useless, How should I fix it?

  • Ben

    Roberto, I've created a ticket on your behalf so that one of our team can help you.

  • Manuel Lardizabal

    I've been trying to re-download London Contemporary Orchestra Strings but I have run out of times to reset the library. How can I get more resets?

  • Ben

    Manuel, you can get more resets by contacting out support team at Don't worry though, I'm doing this on your behalf.

  • Bruce Crawford

    Same question as Terry Donovan above, I have several libraries which were transferred over from my old now defunct PC which are listed in the App as "Not Installed". These include both Kontakt Player and Kontakt Full libraries such as Bernard Hermann and Martyn Ware.

    Everything works fine, but all I want to do is get rid of the "not installed" notification in the App, but I don't want to Reset anything if it will cause a re-download to be required - I have all the libraries on hard disk already. Will I get the option to simply install from HDD which will remove the "not installed" button?

    Can you clarify on this one please?

  • Ben

    Hi Bruce, it has no effect on the actual running of the libraries but if we release an update you'd be forced to download the whole thing again if you wanted that update. I've set all of your Spitfire libraries as "installed" in our back end so you should find that reflected in the app.

  • Bruce Crawford

    Ben, that's great thanks. Perhaps a useful future update to the App might be to allow for a re-installation from a hard drive, if this can be done without compromising copy protection etc?
    I'm likely to get this cropping up again in the future when I move any libraries from HDD to SSD.

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